Tiny Core Extensions

Title Description Version Size
8188eu wifi module and one firmware ...as below Kernel=4.14.10-tinycore64 - module=git-zip-20180704 396K
abcde cd encoder scripts 2.6 66KB
abiword-dev abiword devs 3.0.2 24KB
abiword-gir abiword gir files 3.0.2 28KB
abiword word processor 3.0.2 6.4MB
accountsservice-dev accountsservice devs 0.6.49 8KB
accountsservice-gir accountsservice gir files 0.6.49 20KB
accountsservice dbus user account interface 0.6.49 152KB
ace-of-penguins Ace of Penguins - card games 1.4 (Debian patches) 240K
acl-dev acl devs 2.2.52 4KB
acl acl utility 2.2.52 40KB
acpid acpid daemon 2.0.23 28KB
actkbd keyboard hotkey daemon 0.2.8 16K
advcomp compression utilities 1.15 136KB
adwaita-icon-theme icon theme for gtk+ applications 3.28.0 14.0MB
alsa-config alsa sound 1.1.5 976KB
alsa-dev alsa dev files 1.1.5 116KB
alsamixergui FLTK mixer for alsa 0.9.0rc2-1-10 24K
alsa-modules-4.14.10-tinycore64 Alsa sound support 4.14.10-tinycore64 1.8M
alsa-plugins-dev alsa-plugins devs 1.1.5 4KB
alsa-plugins alsa sound plugins 1.1.5 76KB
alsa alsa sound 1.1.5 224KB
android-file-transfer-doc docs gitzip 2018/01/22 20K
android-file-transfer Connect PC to Android for file tranfers gitzip 2018/01/22 2.3M
anthy-dev Japanese conversion engine development files. 9100h 196K
anthy Japanese conversion engine. 9100h 7.7M
aom-dev aom devs 0.1.0 44KB
aom aom av1 codec 0.1.0 1.4MB
apache2.4-dev Apache httpd server development tools 2.4.37 280K
apache2.4-doc Apache httpd server documentation 2.4.37 8.6M
apache2.4 Apache httpd server 2.4.37 2.0M
appdata-tools appdata tools 0.1.7 20KB
appstream-glib-dev appstream-glib devs 0.4.0 32KB
appstream-glib-gir appstream-glib gir files 0.4.0 68KB
appstream-glib gobject appstream metadata helper 0.4.0 120KB
apr-dev Apache Portable Runtime Project Library development tools 1.6.3 1.8M
apr Apache Portable Runtime Project Library 1.6.3 108K
apr-util-dev Apache Portable Runtime Project Library Utilities development tools 1.6.3 1.8M
apr-util Apache Portable Runtime Project Library Utilities 1.6.3 148K
arandr-doc docs 0.1.9 24K
arandr-locale locales 0.1.9 64K
arandr Front end to libXrandr 0.1.9 44K
aria2 Console download manager 1.14.2 1.3M
asciidoc text document manager 8.6.9 256KB
aspell-dev aspell devs 12KB
aspell-en aspell english dictionary 2017.08.24 1.9MB
aspell spell checker 592KB
aterm The AfterStep terminal emulator 1.0.1 patched 64KB
atk-dev atk devs 2.28.1 72KB
atk-gir atk gir files 2.28.1 176KB
atkmm-dev atkmm devs 2.24.2 80KB
atkmm c++ bindings for atk 2.24.2 96KB
atk gtk accessibility interfaces 2.28.1 52KB
at-spi2-atk-dev at-spi2-atk devs 2.26.2 4KB
at-spi2-atk at-spi2 atk bridge 2.26.2 72KB
at-spi2-core-dev at-spi2-core devs 2.28.0 52KB
at-spi2-core-gir at-spi2-core gir files 2.28.0 104KB
at-spi2-core at sp interface 2.28.0 108KB
at at scheduler 3.1.16 32KB
attr-dev attr devs 2.4.47 8KB
attr filesystem utilities 2.4.47 24KB
audacious-dev audacious-devs 3.7.1 52KB
audacious-plugins plugins for audacious 3.7.1 1.1MB
audacious audio player 3.7.1 316KB
audit-dev audit devs 2.7.1 16KB
audit linux auditing framework 2.7.1 376KB
autoconf2.13 autoconf shell scripts 2.13 212KB
autoconf-archive-doc Re-usable Autoconf macros 2017.09.28.27-e20ad 428KB
autoconf-archive Re-usable Autoconf macros 2017.09.28.27-e20ad 768KB
autoconf autoconf shell scripts 2.69 724KB
autogen-dev autogen devs 5.16.2 28KB
autogen text file generator 5.16.2 424KB
automake automatic makefile scripts 1.15.1 528KB
avahi-dev avahi network service 0.6.32 84KB
avahi-gir avahi gir files 0.6.32 16KB
avahi avahi network service 0.6.32 108KB
avidemux video editor 2.7.1 11.3MB
ax25-4.14.10-tinycore64 Hamradio support 4.14.10-tinycore64 104K
b43-fwcutter firmware cutter 018 16KB
babl-dev babl dev files 0.1.50 12KB
babl babl pixel format lib 0.1.50 412KB
bacon-doc BASIC to C converter for UNIX-based systems 3.0 49k
bacon BASIC to C converter for UNIX-based systems 3.0 221k
balsa email client 2.5.3 740KB
baobab directory tree analyzer 3.28.0 180KB
base-locale Translations of the base guis 5.3 136K
bash-completion Complete arguments to commands 2.1 212K
bash-dev bash devs 4.4.12 100KB
bash bash shell 4.4.12 420KB
bc GNU arbitrary precision calculator 1.07.1 52KB
beaver beaver gtk1 text editor 0.2.7 126KB
beignet-dev beignet devs git-afd050f 136KB
beignet intel opencl gpu drivers git-afd050f 20.5MB
bind-dev DNS server and utilities development 9.12.3 544K
bind-doc DNS server and utilities documentation 9.12.3 116K
bind DNS server and utilities 9.12.3 1.8M
bind-utilities bind utilities 9.9.4-P2 748KB
binutils binutils 2.29.1 5.4MB
bird The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon 1.5.0 520K
bison bison 3.0.4 336KB
blender 3d creation suite 2.79 21.6MB
bluefish-doc Powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdesigners 2.2.6 4k
bluefish-locale Powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdesigners 2.2.6 1.1M
bluefish Powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdesigners 2.2.6 3.5M
blueman bluetooth manager 2.0 2.1MB
bluetooth-4.14.10-tinycore64 Bluetooth support 4.14.10-tinycore64 276K
bluez bluetooth stack 5.49 944KB
boost-1.65-dev boost devs 1.65.1 23MB
boost-1.65 portable c++ source 1.65.1 3.3MB
boost-dev boost devs 1.55.0 8.6MB
boost portable c++ source 1.55.0 2.7MB
brasero-dev brasero devs 3.12.0 72KB
brasero-gir brasero files 3.12.0 84KB
brasero cd/dvd burning application 3.12.0 1.2MB
bridge-utils network bridge utils 1.5 12KB
brtfs-progs-dev brtfs-progs dev 4.5.1 312KB
brtfs-progs brtfs tools 4.5.1 1.7MB
bzip2-dev bzip2 devs 1.0.6 272KB
bzip2-lib compression library 1.0.6 28KB
bzip2 compression utility 1.0.6 20KB
bzr revision control system 2.7.0 4.5MB
cabextract cabextract tool 1.6 28KB
ca-certificates ca-certificates 2017/04/20 196KB
cairo-dev Multi-platform 2D graphics library 1.15.8 60KB
cairomm-dev cairomm devs 1.12.0 92KB
cairomm c++ bindings for cairo 1.12.0 48KB
cairo Multi-platform 2D graphics library 1.15.8 588KB
cantarell-fonts humanist sans serif font 0.0.22 252KB
c-ares-dev c-ares devs 1.12.0 12KB
c-ares asynchronous dns 1.12.0 36KB
caribou-dev caribou devs 0.4.18 172KB
caribou-gir caribou gir files 0.4.18 16KB
caribou-python caribou python bindings 0.4.13 20KB
caribou onscreen keyboard 0.4.18 104KB
ccache-doc C/C++ compiler cache 3.1.9 16K
ccache C/C++ compiler cache 3.1.9 40K
ccid smart card driver library 1.4.22 56KB
cd-discid cd cddb utility 1.4 4KB
cdparanoia-dev cdparanoia devs III-10.2 52KB
cdparanoia cd audio extraction tool III-10.2 64KB
cdrtools commmand line burning tools 3.02 1.4MB
celt-dev celt devs 8KB
celt audio codec 44KB
check-dev check devs 0.10.0 16KB
check c testing utility 0.10.0 20KB
cheese-dev cheese devs 3.28.0 12KB
cheese-gir cheese gir files 3.28.0 16KB
cheese webcam application 3.28.0 228KB
chntpw windows password editor 140201 1.5MB
chromium-browser chromium web browser 66.0.3343.0 87MB
cifs-utils cifs mount utility 6.2 32KB
clang clang compiler 6.0.0 88MB
clinfo opencl info 28KB
cloog-dev cloog devs 0.18.4 28KB
cloog chunky loop generator 0.18.4 84KB
clucene-dev clucence devs 428KB
clucene text search engine 652KB
clutter-dev Open GL based interactive canvas library, development package 1.26.2 272KB
clutter-gir Open GL based interactive canvas library, introspection data 1.26.2 740KB
clutter-gst-dev clutter-gst devs 3.0.26 24KB
clutter-gst-gir clutter-gst gir files 3.0.26 36KB
clutter-gst gst clutter interface 3.0.26 64KB
clutter-gtk-dev OpenGL based interactive canvas library GTK+ Widget, development package. 1.8.4 12KB
clutter-gtk-gir OpenGL based interactive canvas library GTK+ Widget, introspection data 1.8.4 12KB
clutter-gtk OpenGL based interactive canvas library GTK+ Widget 1.8.4 20KB
clutter OpenGL based interactive canvas library 1.26.2 548KB
cmake-doc Cross-platform open source build system 3.6.0 13.1M
cmake Cross-platform open source build system 3.10.2 6.6MB
cogl-dev cogl devs 1.22.2 360KB
cogl-gir cogl gir files 1.22.2 360KB
cogl 3d graphics api 1.22.2 540KB
colord-dev colord devs 1.4.3 72KB
colord-gir colord gir files 1.4.3 152KB
colord-gtk-dev colord-gtk devs 0.1.26 8KB
colord-gtk-gir colord-gtk gir files 0.1.26 8KB
colord-gtk colord gtk bindings 0.1.26 16KB
colord color profile daemon 1.4.3 1.0MB
compiletc compiletc metapackage 0.1 4 K
conky conky system monitor 1.10.8 292KB
consolekit-dev consolekit devs 0.9.2 4KB
consolekit security framework 0.9.2 124KB
core-remaster core remaster script 1.0 4.0K
coreutils core utilities 8.28 1.7MB
cpanm script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN 2018/08/17 216K
cpio archiving tools 2.12 88KB
cracklib-dev cracklib devs 2.9.1 8KB
cracklib strong password library 2.9.1 164KB
crda crda agent 3.18 84KB
cryptsetup-dev cryptsetup devs 1.7.5 16KB
cryptsetup encrypted device setup 1.7.5 104KB
cups2-dev cups devs 2.2.4 56KB
cups2 cups printing system 2.2.4 7.1MB
cups-dev cups devs 1.6.4 40KB
cups-filters-dev cups filters devs 1.0.42 12KB
cups-filters cups filters 1.0.42 432KB
cups-pk-helper cups polkit helper 0.2.5 60KB
cups cups printing system 1.6.4 6.6MB
curl-dev curl devs 7.54.1 68KB
curl url data transfer tool 7.54.1 252KB
cyrus-sasl-dev Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer development tools 2.1-git 116K
cyrus-sasl-lite-dev Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer development tools 2.1-git 116K
cyrus-sasl-lite Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer 2.1-git 192K
cyrus-sasl Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer 2.1-git 216K
cython c for python 0.22 1.6MB
darktable raw file viewer/editor 2.4.0rc1 3.9MB
davfs2-doc Mount a WebbDAV resource as a regular file system 1.5.2 72K
davfs2-locale Mount a WebbDAV resource as a regular file system 1.5.2 16K
davfs2 Mount a WebbDAV resource as a regular file system 1.5.2 80K
db-dev Berkeley DB 12c Release 1 from Oracle development 6.0.19 2.7M
db-doc Berkeley DB 12c Release 1 from Oracle documentation 6.0.19 35M
db Berkeley DB 12c Release 1 from Oracle 6.0.19 92K
dbus-dev dbus devs 1.12.8 44KB
dbus-glib-dev dbus devs 0.108 16KB
dbus-glib dbus glib bindings 0.108 104KB
dbus-python3.6-dev dbus-python3.6 devs 1.2.4 4KB
dbus-python3.6 dbus python bindings 1.2.4 112KB
dbus-python3-dev dbus-python3 devs 1.2.4 4KB
dbus-python3 dbus python bindings 1.2.4 112KB
dbus-python-dev dbus-python devs 1.2.4 4KB
dbus-python dbus python bindings 1.2.4 112KB
dbus dbus message system 1.12.8 268KB
dconf-dev simple key-based configuration system devs 0.28.0 8KB
dconf-editor dconf config editor 3.28.0 244KB
dconf A simple key-based configuration system 0.28.0 80KB
ddrescue data recovery tool 1.17 48KB
deja-dup backup utility 34.2 396KB
dejagnu program testing framework 1.6 176KB
dejavu-fonts-ttf Dejavu Fonts. 2.31 4.8M
desktop-file-utils Utilities for working with desktop entries. 0.23 52KB
dhcpcd dhcp client 6.3.2 120KB
dhcp-dev DHCP server, client and relay development 4.4.1 416K
dhcp DHCP server, client and relay 4.4.1 5.3M
dialog question and messages shell tool 1.3-20171209 92KB
diffutils GNU diff utilities 3.6 96KB
distcc-doc distributed compilation software 3.2rc1 108K
distcc distributed compilation software 3.2rc1 420K
d-itg Distributed Internet Traffic Generator 2.8.1-r1023 192K
djvulibre-dev djvulibre devs 3.5.27 32KB
djvulibre digital document platform 3.5.27 388KB
dleyna-connector-dbus-dev dleyna-connector-dbus devs 0.2.0 4KB
dleyna-connector-dbus dleyna dbus connector 0.2.0 8KB
dleyna-core-dev dleyna-core devs 0.4.0 12KB
dleyna-core dlna core utility 0.4.0 12KB
dleyna-renderer-dev dleyna-renderer devs 0.4.0 4KB
dleyna-renderer dlna media renderer 0.4.0 40KB
dleyna-server-dev dleyna-server devs 0.4.0 4KB
dleyna-server dlna server 0.4.0 56KB
dmenu-doc docs for dmenu 4.8 4.0K
dmenu Dynamic Menu Launcher for X or Sway 4.8 20K
dmidecode-doc SMBIOS/DMI dump tool 2.12 32K
dmidecode SMBIOS/DMI dump tool 2.12 52K
dnsmasq-doc doc for dnsmasq - lightweight network core infrastructure services server 2.79 52.0K
dnsmasq lightweight network core infrastructure services server 2.79 172.0K
docbook_xml_dtd docbook xml definitions 4.5 428KB
docbook_xsl docbook xsl stylesheets 1.75.2 2.5MB
docutils-doc docs 0.14 960K
docutils-locale locales 0.14 40K
docutils Python documentation utilities 0.14 576K
dosfstools dos file system tools 3.0.26 44KB
dotconf-dev dotconf devs 1.3 8KB
dotconf configuration file parser 1.3 12KB
dotnet-runtime .NET Core 2.2.0 SDK v2.2.100 2.2.0 66M
dotnet-sdk .NET Core 2.2.0 SDK v2.2.100 2.2.0 173M
doxygen make docs from source code 1.8.14 3.4M
dumpet el torito image debug 2.1 8KB
dvd+rw-tools dvd writing utilities 7.1 84KB
e2fsprogs_base-dev e2fsprogs devs 1.43.7 2.8MB
e2fsprogs-dev e2fsprogs devs 1.43.7 148KB
e2fsprogs e2fsprogs 1.43.7 348KB
easytag id3 tag editor 2.4.2 316KB
ebtables ethernet bridging firewall git (2018/08/30) 68KB
efibootmgr efi boot tool 15 24KB
efivar-dev efivar devs 31 16KB
efivar efi variables tool 31 64KB
elfutils-dev elfutils devs 0.170 384KB
elfutils elf utilities 0.170 552KB
elinks-doc Elinks is a full-featured text-based web browser 0.12pre6 44K
elinks-locale Elinks is a full-featured text-based web browser 0.12pre6 576K
elinks Elinks is a full-featured text-based web browser 0.12pre6 424K
elogind-dev elogind devs 235.3 28KB
elogind standalone login daemon 235.3 804KB
emacs-el GNU Emacs LISP (.el.gz) files and tutorials 25.3 16MB
emacs The GNU Emacs editor (with GTK+ user interface) 25.3 29MB
emelfm2 gtk2 file manager 0.9.1 616KB
emelfm3 gtk3 file manager 612KB
emelfm file manager 0.9.2 98KB
emojionecolor-svginot-fonts-ttf emoji fonts 1.3 3.3MB
enchant2-dev enchant2 devs 2.2.1 12KB
enchant2 spell check interface 2.2.1 32KB
enchant-dev enchant devs 1.6.0 8KB
enchant spell check interface 1.6.0 140KB
eog-dev eog devs 3.28.2 28KB
eog-gir eog gir files 3.28.2 52KB
eog eye of gnome image viewer 3.28.2 340KB
epiphany Web Browser of gnome 3.28.5 792KB
espeak-ng-dev espeak-ng devs 1.49.0 16KB
espeak-ng text to speech synthesizer 1.49.0 1.4MB
ethtool-doc Utility for examining and tuning Ethernet-based interfaces 4.16 12 KB
ethtool Utility for examining and tuning Ethernet-based interfaces 4.16 120KB
ettercap man in the middle suite 0.8.2 860KB
evince-dev evince devs 3.22.0 72KB
evince-gir evince gir files 3.22.0 104KB
evince document viewer 3.22.0 660KB
evolution-data-server-dev evolution-data-server devs 3.28.2 508KB
evolution-data-server-gir evolution-data-server gir files 3.28.2 872KB
evolution-data-server pim application 3.28.2 2.2MB
evolution-dev evolution devs 3.28.2 560KB
evolution mail suite 3.28.2 5.6MB
exempi-dev exempi devs 2.2.1 16KB
exempi xmp implementation 2.2.1 376KB
exiv214-dev exiv214 devs 2.0.25 160KB
exiv214 image metadata utility 2.0.25 768KB
exiv2 image metadata utility 2.0.23 604KB
expat2-dev expat2 devs 2.2.5 20KB
expat2 expat xml parser 2.2.5 72KB
expect-dev expect devs 5.45 8KB
expect scripted dialogue program 5.45 132KB
extra-cmake-modules Extra modules and scripts for CMake. 5.48.0 192K
faac-dev faac devs 1.2.8 4KB
faac aac encoder 1.2.8 116KB
faad-dev faad devs 2.7 4KB
faad aac decoder 2.7 168KB
fakeroot-locale fakeroot-locales 1.18.4 40K
fakeroot Utility to create a fake root environment. 1.18.4 40K
farstream-dev farstream devs 0.2.4 24KB
farstream-gir farstream gir files 0.2.4 60KB
farstream gstreamer videoconferencing modules 0.2.4 248KB
fcitx-anthy Anthy wrapper for fcitx 0.2.3 148K
fcitx-dev Development files for input method framework. 168K
fcitx-doc Input method framework. 20K
fcitx-git fcitx gir files 12K
fcitx-sunpinyin-locale Sunpinyin wrapper for fcitx locale files 0.4.2 12K
fcitx-sunpinyin Sunpinyin wrapper for fcitx 0.4.2 64K
fcitx Input method framework. 10.8M
fdk-aac-dev fdk-a-ac devs 0.1.5 64KB
fdk-aac aac library 0.1.5 300KB
feh-doc documents 2.27.1 80K
feh image viewer 2.27.1 148K
ffmpeg3-dev av transcoder devs 3.4.5 376KB
ffmpeg3 av transcoder 3.4.5 244KB
ffmpeg4-dev av transcoder devs 4.1 372KB
ffmpeg4 av transcoder 4.1 196KB
ffmpeg-dev av transcoder devs 2.8.12 324KB
ffmpeg av transcoder 2.8.12 232KB
fftw fftw devs 3.3.5 24KB
fftw fast fourier transform 3.3.5 480KB
fifth fltk web browser 0.5-37 7.5MB
file-dev file devs 5.32 4KB
file-roller archive manager for gnome 3.22.0 280KB
filesystems-4.14.10-tinycore64 Additional file systems support 4.14.10-tinycore64 1.5M
file file 5.32 412KB
findutils findutils 4.6.0 156KB
firefox-ESR Firefox-ESR web browser 52.1.2 64M
firefox_getLatest Firefox latest download and installer 2.5 8.0K
firefox-nightly Mozilla web browser 27.0b7 30M
firewire-4.14.10-tinycore64 Firewire support 4.14.10-tinycore64 64K
firmware-amdgpu Redistributable firmware for AMD Graphics 2018/02/22 4.0M
firmware-amd-ucode Redistributable firmware for AMD processors 2018/02/22 24K
firmware-atheros Redistributable firmware for Atheros wireless network and Bluetooth cards 2018/02/22 6.4M
firmware-broadcom_bcm43xx Redistributable firmware for Broadcom 802.11n wireless LAN driver 2018/02/22 11M
firmware-broadcom_bnx2 Redistributable firmware for Broadcom NetXtremeII 2018/02/22 772K
firmware-broadcom_bnx2x Redistributable firmware for Broadcom Everest 2018/02/22 8.6M
firmware-cavium_nic Redistributable firmware for Cavium Smart Ethernet adapters 2018/02/22 18M
firmware-chelsio Redistributable firmware for Chelsio 10GbE/1GbE adapters/NIC's 2018/02/22 4.3M
firmware-getB43 Broadcom b43 firmware installer 1.0 4.0K
firmware-i915 Redistributable firmware for Intel Integrated Graphics driver 2018/02/22 844K
firmware-intel_e100 Redistributable firmware for Intel Ethernet e100 2018/02/22 4.0K
firmware-intel Redistributable firmware for Intel Bluetooth, Bay Trail audio and Broadwell SST DSP 2018/02/22 6.7M
firmware-ipw2100 ntel Centrino Drivers firmware for IPW2100 1.3 280K
firmware-ipw2200 Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG firmware 3.1 296K
firmware-iwimax Redistributable firmware for Intel WiMAX/WiFi 2018/02/22 2.5M
firmware-iwl8000 Redistributable firmware for Intel Wireless 8000 series 2018/02/22 11M
firmware-iwl9000 Redistributable firmware for Intel Wireless 9000 series 2018/02/22 4.4M
firmware_iwlwifi-7260 intel ac 7260 firmware 17.459231.0 524KB
firmware-iwlwifi Redistributable firmware for Intel Wireless LAN 2018/02/22 20M
firmware-marvel Redistributable firmware for Marvell Wireless LAN 2018/02/22 8.0M
firmware-moxa Redistributable firmware for MOXA UPort USB Serial hub 2018/02/22 204K
firmware-myri10ge Redistributable firmware for standard 10-Gigabit Ethernet adapter 2018/02/22 1.6M
firmware-netxen Redistributable firmware for NetXen Ethernet network adapters 2018/02/22 1.4M
firmware-nvidia Redistributable firmware for NVIDIA Tegra XHCI 2018/02/22 488K
firmware-openfwwf Open source firmware for some b43 Broadcom 43xx series WLAN chips. 5.2 16K
firmware-qca Redistributable firmware for Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth support for QCA61x4 chips 2018/02/22 204K
firmware-radeon Proprietary, redistributable firmware for Radeon Graphics Cards 2018/02/22 2.7M
firmware-ralinkwifi Redistributable firmware for ralink Wireless LAN 2018/02/22 376K
firmware-rtl8192ce_se_de Realtek Linux firmware for PCIE Wireless LAN NICs 0005.1230.2011 136K
firmware-rtl_bt Redistributable firmware for Realtek Bluetooth 2018/02/22 336K
firmware-rtl_nic Redistributable firmware for Realtek Wired network adapters 2018/02/22 28K
firmware-rtlwifi-new Redistributable firmware for Realtek Wireless LAN 2017/05/1 284K
firmware-rtlwifi Redistributable firmware for Realtek Wireless LAN 2018/02/22 660K
firmware Redistributable misc firmware 2018/02/22 27M
firmware-ti-connectivity Redistributable firmware for Texas Instruments wireless network adapters 2018/02/22 5.1M
firmware-tigon Redistributable firmware for Broadcom tigon3 (tg3) ethernet adapter 2018/02/22 8.0K
firmware-ueagle-atm Redistributable firmware for ueagle-atm (usb modem) 2018/02/22 1.2M
firmware-vxge Redistributable firmware for Neterion Inc's X3100 Series 10GbE PCIe 2018/02/22 828K
firmware-zd1211 Firmware files for the Atheros ZD1211 chip used in WLAN USB sticks. 1.5 96K
flac-dev flac devs 1.3.0 76KB
flac lossless audio codec 1.3.0 268KB
flaxpdf pdf viewer 0.7.3 216KB
flburn fltk cd/dvd burner 0.0.4 (git 14/11/29) 48KB
flex-dev flex devs 2.6.4 4KB
flex fast lexical analyzer generator 2.6.4 116KB
flnotify FLTK notify applet 0.9.1 4.0K
fltk-1.1.10-dev FLTK from tinycore devs 72KB
fltk-1.1.10 FLTK from tinycore 280KB
fltk-1.3-dev FLTK from tinycore devs 1.3.4-1 1.3MB
fltk-1.3.3 FLTK from tinycore 1.3.4-1 488KB
fltk-full-dev FLTK toolkit 1.3.4-1 13M
fltk-full-man FLTK toolkit 1.3.4-1 8.0K
fltk-full FLTK toolkit 1.3.4-1 660K
fluff File Manager 1.0.7 72K
fluxbox fluxbox window manager 1.3.5 560KB
flwm Fast Light Window Manager 1.12 32KB
flwm_topside Fast Light Window Manager 1.14 28KB
folks-dev folks devs 0.11.5 44KB
folks-gir folks gir files 0.11.5 96KB
folks contacts aggregator 0.11.5 648KB
fontconfig-dev fontconfig devs 2.13.0 12KB
fontconfig font configuration library and tools 2.13.0 168KB
fpc-src Open source compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal, source files 3.0.0 50MB
fpc pascal compiler 3.0.4 52MB
freeglut-dev freeglut devs 2.8.1 12KB
freeglut glut clone 2.8.1 88KB
freerdp-dev free rdp devs 2.0.0-rc4 432KB
freerdp remote desktop protocol 2.0.0-rc4 1.5MB
freetype-dev freetype devs 2.9.0 276KB
freetype freetype library 2.9.0 404KB
frei0r-plugins-dev frei0r-plugins devs 1.6.1 8KB
frei0r-plugins video effects api 1.6.1 688KB
fribidi-dev fribidi devs 1.0.2 32KB
fribidi unicode bidi library 1.0.2 28KB
frr-dev frr devs 5.0.1 544K
frr FRRouting 5.0.1 2.7M
fuse-dev fuse devs 2.9.3 32KB
fuse filesystem in userspace 2.9.3 96KB
galculator a GTK3 scientific calculator 2.1.3 152K
gamin-dev File Alteration Monitor 0.1.10 57k
gamin File Alteration Monitor 0.1.10 16k
gavl-dev gavl devs 1.4.0 52KB
gavl gmerlin audio video library 1.4.0 3.1MB
gawk gnu awk 4.2.0 332KB
gcc_base-dev gcc base devs 7.2.0 868KB
gcc_libs-dev gcc shared libs devs 7.2.0 2.2MB
gcc_libs gcc shared libs 7.2.0 1.3MB
gcc gcc for tc_8.x x86_64 7.2.0 32.4MB
gc-dev gc devs 7.4.0 80KB
gcr-dev gcr devs 3.28.0 88KB
gcr-gir gcr gir files 3.28.0 192KB
gcr key certificate viewer 3.28.0 520KB
gc garbage collector 7.4.0 76KB
gdbm-dev Library of database functions 1.13 8KB
gdbm Library of database functions 1.13 76KB
gdb gnu debugger 8.1 2.6MB
gdisk guid gpt partition tool 1.0.1 196KB
gdk-pixbuf2-dev gdk-pixbuf2 devs 2.36.12 36KB
gdk-pixbuf2-gir gdk-pixbuf2 gir files 2.36.12 56KB
gdk-pixbuf2 image handling toolkit 2.36.12 204KB
gdl-dev gdl devs 3.22.0 20KB
gdl-gir gdl gir files 3.22.0 44KB
gdl gnome docking library 3.22.0 84KB
gdm-dev gdm devs 3.28.2 20KB
gdm-gir gdm gir files 3.28.2 100KB
gdm gnome display manager 3.28.2 356KB
geany-dev geany devs 1.24.1 144KB
geany ide text editor 1.24.1 1.3MB
gedit-dev text editor for the gnome desktop, development files 3.28.1 28KB
gedit-gir gedit gir files 3.28.1 48KB
gedit text editor for the gnome desktop 3.28.1 708KB
gegl-dev gegl devs 0.3.34 160KB
gegl-gir gegl gir files 0.3.34 76KB
gegl general graphics library 0.3.34 1.0MB
gengetopt c utility 2.22.6 120KB
geoclue-dev geoclue devs 2.4.4 12KB
geoclue-gir geoclue fir files 2.4.4 40KB
geoclue geoinformation service 2.4.4 136KB
geocode-glib-dev geocode-glib devs 16KB
geocode-glib-gir geocode-glib gir files 40KB
geocode-glib geocoding library 100KB
geoip-data geoip database 20170103 Build 1 11.1MB
getFlash_beta (Beta) Script to download & Create flash_beta.tcz (x86_64 version) 0.1 40K
getFlash Script to download & Create flash.tcz 0.4 20K
getlocale Script to build customized locale support 1.3 4k
gettext-dev gettext devs 4.2MB
gettext internationalization localization utility 1.4MB
gexiv2-dev gexiv2 devs 0.10.6 20KB
gexiv2-gir gexiv2 gir files 0.10.6 24KB
gexiv2 gobject exiv2 wrapper 0.10.6 44KB
gfbgraph-dev gfbgraph devs 0.2.2 12KB
gfbgraph-gir gfbgraph gir files 0.2.2 20KB
gfbgraph facebook graph gobject library 0.2.2 20KB
ghostscript ghostscript printing 9.10 7.6MB
giflib-bin gif utilities 5.0.5 40KB
giflib-dev giflib devs 5.0.5 8KB
giflib gif libs 5.0.5 16KB
gimp2-dev gimp2 dev files 2.8.20 244KB
gimp2 gnu image manipulation program 2.8.20 9.8MB
gimp-dev gimp devs 3.0 (git 2017/12/22) 264KB
gimp gnu image manipulation program 3.0 (git 2017/12/22) 13.2MB
git version control system 2.18.0 3.7MB
gjs-dev gjs devs 1.52.3 12KB
gjs-gir gjs gir files 1.52.3 4KB
gjs gnome javascript bindings 1.52.3 312KB
glade-dev glade devs 3.18.3 52KB
glade-gir glade gir files 3.18.3 152KB
glade gtk interface designer 3.18.3 816KB
glew-dev glew devs 1.12.0 224KB
glew opengl extension wrangler library 1.12.0 172KB
glib1-dev glib1 devs 1.2.10 122KB
glib1 glib 1.2.10 77KB
glib2-dev Glib C support library dev files 2.56.1 564KB
glib2-python Glib C support library python files 2.56.1 68KB
glib2 Glib C support library 2.56.1 1.3MB
glibc_add_lib glibc additional libs 2.26 236KB
glibc_apps glibc apps 2.26 932KB
glibc_base-dev glibc devs 2.26 3.7MB
glibc_gconv glibc gconv files 2.26 2.9MB
glibc_i18n_locale glibc locale files 2.26 5.2MB
glibmm-dev glibmm devs 2.50.0 936KB
glibmm c++ bindings for glib 2.50.0 652KB
glib-networking Network-related gio modules for glib 2.56.0 56KB
glmark2 opengl benchmark git (2016/08/05) 8.8MB
glu-dev glu devs 9.0.0 8KB
glusterfs-dev glusterfs devs 3.10.1 221KB
glusterfs scalable network filesystem 3.10.1 4.6MB
glu opengl utility library 9.0.0 168KB
gmime-dev gmime devs 2.6.19 28KB
gmime-gir gmime gir files 2.6.19 68KB
gmime mime utilities 2.6.19 152KB
gmp-dev gmp devs 6.1.2 48KB
gmp arbitrary precision arithmetic library 6.1.2 236KB
gnome-autoar-dev gnome-autoar devs 0.2.3 12KB
gnome-autoar-gir gnome-autoar gir files 0.2.3 20KB
gnome-autoar archive utility 0.2.3 36KB
gnome-backgrounds gnome backgrounds 3.28.0 25.5MB
gnome-boxes vm access utility 3.28.4 744KB
gnome-calculator calculator 3.28.1 432KB
gnome-calendar calendar application 3.28.2 508KB
gnome-characters-gir gnome-characters gir files 3.28.2 8KB
gnome-characters character find/insert utility 3.28.2 240KB
gnome-clocks gnome clocks applet 3.28.0 260KB
gnome-common gnome autogen files 3.18.0 16KB
gnome-contacts integrated address book 3.28.2 360KB
gnome-control-center desktop settings interface 3.28.0 3.5MB
gnome-desktop-dev gnome-desktop devs 3.28.0 20KB
gnome-desktop-gir gnome-desktop gir files 3.28.0 36KB
gnome-desktop gnome desktop api 3.28.0 88KB
gnome-disk-utility gnome disk utility 3.28.2 288KB
gnome-documents-dev gnome-documents devs 3.22.0 4KB
gnome-documents-gir gnome-documents gir files 3.28.0 24KB
gnome-documents gnome document manager 3.28.0 808KB
gnome-doc-utils document utilites 0.20.10 408KB
gnome-font-viewer system font viewer 3.28.0 56KB
gnome-icon-theme-info additional gnome icons 3.12.0 904KB
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic Symbolic icons for GNOME 3.12 688KB
gnome-icon-theme Default icon theme for GNOME. 3.12.0 9.7MB
gnome-keyring-dev A program that keeps password and other secrets for users, dev files 4KB
gnome-keyring A program that keeps password and other secrets for users. 1.0MB
gnome-maps-gir gnome-maps gir files 3.28.2 12KB
gnome-maps map application 3.28.2 624KB
gnome-menus-dev gnome-menus devs 3.13.3 4KB
gnome-menus-gir gnome-menus gir files 3.13.3 12KB
gnome-menus gnome freedesktop menus 3.13.3 108KB
gnome-music-gir gnome-music gir files 12KB
gnome-music gnome music app 324KB
gnome-online-accounts-dev gnome-online accounts devs 3.28.0 48KB
gnome-online-accounts-gir gnome-online accounts gir files 3.28.0 176KB
gnome-online-accounts online accounts sign-on 3.28.0 776KB
gnome-photos gnome photo utility 3.28.0 1.0MB
gnome-power-manager gnome power manager 3.22.0 60KB
gnome-screenshot screenshot utility 3.22.0 68KB
gnome-session gnome session manager 3.28.1 132KB
gnome-settings-daemon-dev gnome-settings-daemon devs 3.28.0 4KB
gnome-settings-daemon session settings daemon 3.28.0 420KB
gnome-shell-extension-emoji-selector gnome-shell emoji selector extension 3 12KB
gnome-shell-extensions gnome-shell extensions 3.28.1 60KB
gnome-shell-extension-weather gnome-shell weather extension git 2018/05/13 24KB
gnome-shell-gir gnome-shell gir files 3.28.2 148KB
gnome-shell gnome shell interface 3.28.2 2.4MB
gnome-sound-recorder gnome sound recorder 3.28.1 112KB
gnome-system-monitor GNOME system monitor 3.28.2 192KB
gnome-terminal The terminal emulator of GNOME 3.28.1 184KB
gnome-themes-extra additional gnome icons/themes 3.28 2.9MB
gnome-themes-standard gnome 3 theme 3.22.3 2.9MB
gnome-tweaks gnome desktop customisation 3.28.1 112KB
gnome-video-effects video effects for gnome apps 0.4.3 100KB
gnome-weather gnome weather applet 3.20.2 5.0MB
gnucash-dev gnucash devs 2.6.16 512KB
gnucash personal finance manager 3.0 6.8MB
gnumeric-dev Spreadsheet program, part of GNOME 1.12.9 90k
gnumeric-doc Spreadsheet program, part of GNOME 1.12.9 8k
gnumeric-locale Spreadsheet program, part of GNOME 1.12.9 4.8M
gnumeric Spreadsheet program, part of GNOME 1.12.9 9.9M
gnupg1 secure communication and data storage 1.4.21 612KB
gnupg new modularized version of GnuPG supporting OpenPGP and S/MIME 2.2.7 1.4MB
gnutls35-dev gnutls35 devs 3.5.19 80KB
gnutls35 secure transport layer 3.5.19 972KB
gnutls-dev gnutls devs 3.2.21 68KB
gnutls secure transport layer 3.2.21 868KB
gob2-doc GObject Builder 2.0.20 24K
gob2 GObject Builder 2.0.20 212K
gobject-introspection-dev gobject introspection devs 1.56.1 132KB
gobject-introspection machine readable api description tool 1.56.1 2.2MB
goffice-dev A glib/gtk set of document centric objects and utilities 0.10.34 152KB
goffice-doc A glib/gtk set of document centric objects and utilities 0.10.9 373k
goffice-gir goffice gir files 0.10.34 364KB
goffice-gtk2-dev goffice-gtk2 devs 0.8.17 152KB
goffice-gtk2 document objects and utilities 0.8.17 944KB
goffice-locale A glib/gtk set of document centric objects and utilities 0.10.9 1.3M
goffice A glib/gtk set of document centric objects and utilities 0.10.34 1.2MB
goocanvas-dev Canvas widget for GTK+ that uses cairo 2D library 0.15 156k
goocanvas-doc Canvas widget for GTK+ that uses cairo 2D library 0.15 127k
goocanvas-locale Canvas widget for GTK+ that uses cairo 2D library 0.15 12k
goocanvas Canvas widget for GTK+ that uses cairo 2D library 0.15 102k
googletest-dev googletest devs 1.8 724KB
googletest google's c++ test framework 1.8 328KB
gparted-doc Gnome Partition Editor 0.17.0 4.0K
gparted-locale Gnome Partition Editor 0.17.0 876K
gparted Gnome Partition Editor 0.25.0 332KB
gperf hash generator 3.1 40KB
gpgme-dev GnuPG Made Easy dev files 1.9.0 80KB
gpgme GnuPG Made Easy 1.9.0 248KB
gphoto2-doc docs 2.5.20 20K
gphoto2-locale locales 2.5.20 312K
gphoto2 CLI for libgphoto2 2.5.20 52K
gpm general purpose mouse daemon 1.20.7 120KB
gpsbabel gps data transfer 1.5.3 604B
grabber Use your mouse to select an area of your screen for a screenshot in png format. 1.2 16K
graphics-4.14.10-tinycore64 Accelerated graphics support 4.14.10-tinycore64 2.0M
graphicsmagick-dev graphicsmagick devs 1.3.23 168KB
graphicsmagick image manipulation 1.3.23 1.4MB
graphite-dev graphite devs 1.3.10 20KB
graphite rendering engine for graphite fonts 1.3.10 80KB
graphviz-dev graphviz devs 2.38.0 52KB
graphviz graph drawing 2.38.0 5.9MB
grep grep 3.1 60KB
grilo-dev grilo dev files 0.3.4 48KB
grilo-gir grilo gir files 0.3.4 108KB
grilo-plugins-dev grilo-plugins dev files 0.3.5 8KB
grilo-plugins media browser plugins 0.3.5 904KB
grilo media browser 0.3.4 144KB
groff text formatting programs 1.22.3 2.2MB
grsync rsync gui 1.2.6 84KB
grub2-multi grub i386pc and x86_64-efi boot loader 2.02 8.5MB
gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev gsettings-desktop-schemas devs 3.28.0 4KB
gsettings-desktop-schemas-gir gsettings-desktop-schemas gir files 3.28.0 8KB
gsettings-desktop-schemas Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop 3.28.0 32KB
gsfonts ghostscript fonts 8.11 3.6MB
gsl2-dev gsl2 devs 2.4 268KB
gsl2 gnu scientific library 2.4 1008KB
gsl-dev gsl devs 1.16 244KB
gsl gnu scientific library 1.16 948KB
gsound-dev gsound devs 1.0.1 12KB
gsound-gir gsound gir files 1.0.1 12KB
gsound gobject system sound 1.0.1 12KB
gspell-dev gspell devs 1.8.0 16KB
gspell-gir gspell gir files 1.8.0 20KB
gspell gtk+ spell checker 1.8.0 56KB
gssdp-dev gssdp dev files 0.14.16 8KB
gssdp-gir gssdp gir files 0.14.16 12KB
gssdp ssdp resource discovery 0.14.16 40KB
gst-libav-dev gst-libav devs 1.14.4 4KB
gst-libav gstreamer libav plugin 1.14.4 5.7MB
gst-plugins-bad-dev gst-plugins-bad devs 1.14.4 164KB
gst-plugins-bad-gir gst-plugins-bad gir files 1.14.4 104KB
gst-plugins-bad gstreamer bad plugins 1.14.4 2.1MB
gst-plugins-base-0.10-dev gst-plugins-base devs 0.10.36 160KB
gst-plugins-base-0.10-gir gst-plugins-base gir files 0.10.36 352KB
gst-plugins-base-0.10 gstreamer plugins base 0.10.36 1.3MB
gst-plugins-base-dev gst-plugins-base devs 1.14.4 312KB
gst-plugins-base-gir gst-plugins-base gir files 1.14.4 632KB
gst-plugins-base gstreamer base plugins 1.14.4 1.9MB
gst-plugins-good-dev gst-plugins-good devs 1.14.4 20KB
gst-plugins-good gstreamer good plugins 1.14.4 2.0MB
gst-plugins-ugly-dev gst-plugins-ugly devs 1.14.4 4KB
gst-plugins-ugly gstreamer ugly plugins 1.14.4 212KB
gst-python3-dev gst-python3 devs 1.8.1 4KB
gst-python3 gst gobject-introspection overrides 1.8.1 20KB
gstreamer-0.10-dev gstreamer devs 0.10.36 240KB
gstreamer-0.10-gir gstreamer gir files 0.10.36 556KB
gstreamer-0.10 gstreamer core 0.10.36 800KB
gstreamer-dev gstreamer devs 1.14.4 324KB
gstreamer-editing-services-dev gstreamer-editing-services devs 1.8.1 76KB
gstreamer-editing-services-gir gstreamer-editing-services gir filss 1.8.1 144KB
gstreamer-editing-services gst audio/video editor 1.8.1 288KB
gstreamer-gir gstreamer gir files 1.14.4 760KB
gstreamer streaming media framework 1.14.4 1.0MB
gstreamer-vaapi-dev gstreamer vaapi devs 1.14.4 4KB
gstreamer-vaapi gstreamer vaapi 1.14.4 288KB
gthumb-dev gthumb devs 3.4.1 152KB
gthumb image browser 3.4.1 1.5MB
gtk1-dev gtk1 devs 1.2.10 962KB
gtk1 gtk1 1.2.10 650KB
gtk2-dev dev files 2.24.32 520K
gtk2-doc docs 2.24.32 4.2M
gtk2-gir gir files for gtk2 2.24.32 1.6M
gtk2-locale The Gimp Tool Kit 2.24.20 7.5M
gtkmm-2.24-dev C++ bindings for GTK2 2.24.4 1008KB
gtkmm-2.24 C++ bindings for GTK2 2.24.4 1.1MB
gtk2 Gimp Tool Kit 2.24.32 2.4M
gtk3-demo gtk3 demo apps gtk+-3.22.30 1.8MB
gtk3-dev gtk3 devs gtk+-3.22.30 684KB
gtk3-gir gtk3 gir files gtk+-3.22.30 2.0MB
gtk3 gtk+ interface gtk+-3.22.30 3.3MB
gtk-doc code documenter 1.19 112KB
gtkfind gtk find gui 1.1 32KB
gtkhtml-dev gtkhtml devs 4.8.1 28KB
gtkhtml html renderer 4.8.1 508KB
gtkimageview-dev gtkimageview devs 1.6.4 16KB
gtkimageview gdkpixbuf viewer 1.6.4 32KB
gtkmm-dev gtkmm devs 3.22.0 1.4MB
gtkmm c++ bindings for gtk 3.22.0 1.2MB
gtksourceview-dev A text widget that extends gtk+ widget GtkTextView devs 3.24.7 80KB
gtksourceview-gir gtksourceview gir files 3.24.7 148KB
gtksourceview A text widget that extends gtk+ widget GtkTextView. 3.24.7 636KB
gtk-vnc-dev gtk-vnc devs 0.7.1 24KB
gtk-vnc-gir gtk-vnc gir files 0.7.1 48KB
gtk-vnc api for rfb/vnc 0.7.1 100KB
gucharmap-dev A featureful unicode character map, development files. 10.0.2 20KB
gucharmap-gir gucharmap gir files 10.0.2 28KB
gucharmap A featureful unicode character map 10.0.2 1.8MB
gudev-lib-gir gudev-lib gir files 173 12KB
gudev-lib-dev gudev-lib devs 173 4KB
gudev-lib libudev gobject wrapper 173 16KB
guile-dev guile devs 2.0.14 184KB
guile gnu extension language library 2.0.14 3.8MKB
gupnp-av-dev gupnp-av dev files 0.12.10 32KB
gupnp-av-gir gupnp-av gir files 0.12.10 52KB
gupnp-av gupnp av helper 0.12.10 80KB
gupnp-dev gupnp dev files 1.0.2 32KB
gupnp-dlna-dev gupnp-dlna dev files 0.10.5 20KB
gupnp-dlna-gir gupnp-dlna gir files 0.10.5 24KB
gupnp-dlna gupnp dlna helper 0.10.5 76KB
gupnp-gir gupnp gir files 1.0.2 60KB
gupnp-igd-dev gupnp-igd devs 0.2.5 4KB
gupnp-igd-gir gupnp-igd gir files 0.2.5 8KB
gupnp-igd upnp igd port mapping library 0.2.5 16KB
gupnp upnp framework 1.0.2 80KB
gupnp-tools upnp applets 0.8.14 238KB
gutenprint-dev dev files 5.3.1 884K
gutenprint-doc man pages and docs 5.3.1 2.0M
gutenprint-locale locale files 5.3.1 3.3M
gutenprint printer drivers for most printers 5.3.1 4.9M
guvcview uvc video view and capture 1.7.3 180KB
gvfs-dev gvfs devs 1.30.4 8KB
gvfs gio virtual filesystem 1.30.4 980KB
gvim-base VI Improved text editor support files common to both console and GUI versions 8.1.0451 7.6M
gvim-doc VI Improved text editor documentation 8.1.0451 3.1M
gvim VI Improved text editor GUI version 8.1.0451 1.5M
gvim-tutor VI Improved text editor tutor 8.1.0451 872K
gzip gnu compression utilities 1.8 48KB
hackedbox-doc Hackedbox Window Manager doc's 0.8.5 20K
hackedbox Hackedbox Window Manager 0.8.5 1.1M
Hack-font Monospace fonts with unicode glyphs tuned for code readability 3.0.0 708K
handbrake video transcoder 1.0.7 20.4MB
harfbuzz-dev harfbuzz devs 1.7.6 428KB
harfbuzz-gir harfbuzz gir files 1.7.6 84KB
harfbuzz-icu-dev harfbuzz-icu devs 1.7.6 8KB
harfbuzz-icu harfbuzz icu library 1.7.6 4KB
harfbuzz opentype text shaping 1.7.6 336KB
hashcat password recovery utility 3.6.0 3.56MB
haveged-dev dev files for haveged - a simple entropy daemon 1.9.4 448.0K
haveged-doc doc for haveged - a simple entropy daemon 1.9.4 12.0K
haveged a simple entropy daemon 1.9.4 52.0K
hdparm CLI utility for tuning/accessing IDE/SATA drives 9.43 48K
help2man man page script 1.47.4 12KB
hexchat irc client 2.10.2 436KB
hicolor-icon-theme Default fallback theme 0.17 8KB
hidapi-dev Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices -git 44K
hidapi Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices -git 20K
homebank personal accounting 5.1.5 440KB
hostapd wlan ap mode daemon 2.6 272KB
hping3 Send (almost) arbitrary TCP/IP packets to network hosts 3.0.0-alpha-1 220K
hplip hp print, fax, scan 3.17.11 6.5MB
htop-doc Interactive process viewer 2.0.2 8k
htop Interactive process viewer 2.1.0 72KB
http-parser-dev http-parser devs 2.7.1 8KB
http-parser http message parser 2.7.1 12KB
hunspell-dev hunspell devs 1.4.1 40KB
hunspell spell checker 1.4.1 192KB
hwloc-dev hwloc devs 1.11.8 96KB
hwloc cpu topology tools 1.11.8 280KB
hwmon-4.14.10-tinycore64 HW monitoring support 4.14.10-tinycore64 712K
i2c-4.14.10-tinycore64 i2c support 4.14.10-tinycore64 112K
iana-etc List of official services and ports 2.30 260K
iasl acpi compiler 20160318 352KB
ibus-bytecode Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 92K
ibus-chewing-doc IBus-Chewing is an IBus front-end of Chewing e946b46 24 Sep 2017 20K
ibus-chewing-locale IBus-Chewing is an IBus front-end of Chewing e946b46 24 Sep 2017 36K
ibus-chewing IBus-Chewing is an IBus front-end of Chewing e946b46 24 Sep 2017 292K
ibus-dev Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 3M
ibus-doc Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 572K
ibus-gir Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 272K
ibus-gtk2 Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 12K
ibus-locale Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 360K
ibus-man Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 4.0K
ibus-python Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 52K
ibus Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 488K
ibus-wayland Intelligent Input Bus 1.5.18 8.0K
icon-naming-utils icon-naming-utils is a script. 0.8.90 8KB
icu61-bin icu apps 61.1 168KB
icu61-dev icu devs 61.1 15.2MB
icu61 icu libraries 61.1 13MB
icu-bin icu apps 54.1 164KB
icu-dev icu devs 54.1 14.5MB
icu icu libraries 54.1 12.4MB
id3lib-dev id3lib devs 3.8.3 32KB
id3lib id3 tag library 3.8.3 112KB
ifplugd-doc doc for ifplugd - lightweight daemon to watch NIC interface and configure/unconfigure at plug-in/out event 0.28 8.0K
ifplugd lightweight daemon to watch NIC interface and configure/deconfigure at plug-in/out event 0.28 28.0K
iftop Network usage display in realtime 0.17 24K
ifuse iphone mount utility 1.1.3 8KB
ijs-dev ink jet server 0.35 4KB
ijs ink jet server 0.35 16KB
ilmbase-dev ilmbase devs 2.2.0 168KB
ilmbase openexr base libs 2.2.0 120KB
imagemagick-dev imagemagick devs 6.9.5-8 252KB
imagemagick bitmap image editor 6.9.5-8 2.9MB
imake xfree86 imake 1.0.7 20KB
imlib2-bin image manipulation apps 1.5.1 40KB
imlib2-data image manipulation data 1.5.1 340KB
imlib2-dev imlib2 devs 1.5.1 12KB
imlib2 image manipulation library 1.5.1 216KB
inetutils-servers basic network server programs 1.9.4 272KB
inetutils basic network programs 1.9.4 280KB
inkscape vector graphics editor 0.91 9.0MB
input-joystick-4.14.10-tinycore64 Joysticks support 4.14.10-tinycore64 120K
input-tablet-touchscreen-4.14.10-tinycore64 Tablet and touchscreen input support 4.14.10-tinycore64 188K
libva-intel-driver intel video hardware acceleration 1.8.3 1.4MB
intltool internationalization tool 0.51.0 52KB
iperf3 A tool for measuring Internet bandwidth performance. 3.1.b3 136K
iperf ip bandwidth tool 3.1.3 56KB
iproute2 networking utilities 3.14.0 400KB
ipset-dev ipset devs 6.38 16KB
ipset utility to configure ip sets 6.38 52KB
iptables-dev iptables devs 1.4.21 16KB
iptables linux firewall tool 1.4.21 380KB
ipv6-4.14.10-tinycore64 ipv6 support 4.14.10-tinycore64 300K
isl-dev isl devs 0.18.0 60KB
isl integer set library 0.18.0 696KB
iso-codes Lists of various ISO standards (language, keyboard, ...) 3.77 436KB
itstool xlm to po converter 2.0.4 24KB
iw nl80211 wireless cli 4.7 72KB
jansson-dev C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data 2.9 41k
jansson C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data 2.9 29k
jasper-dev jasper devs 1.900.1 52KB
jasper jpeg-2000 manipulation 1.900.1 156KB
java-installer Creates java extensions from Oracle's java distribution. depends_on_downloaded_jdk 8.0K
jemalloc-dev Malloc implementation that emphasizes fragmentation avoidance development tools 4.5.0 4.2M
jemalloc Malloc implementation that emphasizes fragmentation avoidance 4.5.0 148K
joe joe's owm editor 4.6 572KB
jq-dev Development files for jq - Command line json processor 1.5(git) 144K
jq-doc Documentation for jq - Command line json processor 1.5(git) 40K
jq Command line json processor 1.5(git) 216K
js-17-dev js-17 devs 17.0.0 300KB
js-17 c/c++ java script engine 17.0.0 3.6MB
js52-dev js devs 52.6.0 8.0MB
js52 c/c++ java script engine 52.6.0 8.0MB
js-dev js devs 24.2.0 4.5MB
json-c13-dev json-c devs 0.13.1 32KB
json-c13 json-c object model 0.13.1 24KB
json-c-dev json-c devs 0.11 16KB
jsoncpp-dev jsoncpp devs 1.8.0 28KB
jsoncpp json c++ library 1.8.0 68KB
json-c json-c object model 0.11 16KB
json-glib-dev json-glib devs 1.4.2 24KB
json-glib-gir json-glib gir files 1.4.2 56KB
json-glib json gobject library 1.4.2 144KB
js c/c++ java script engine 24.2.0 4.1MB
jwm-full Joe's Window Manager - TESTING 2.2.2 88K
jwm Joe's Window Manager - TESTING 2.2.2 88K
keepalived VRRP stack to handle gateway failover 1.2.19 104K
kmaps All keymaps from kbd converted to kmaps 1.15.2-2 140K
kodi digital media hub 17.3-Krypton 37MB
krb5-dev krb5 devs 1.16 228K
krb5-doc network authentication protocol 1.16 96KB
krb5 network authentication protocol 1.16 1.2M
kvm-4.14.10-tinycore64 KVM virtualization host support 4.14.10-tinycore64 228K
l2tp-4.14.10-tinycore64 l2tp support 4.14.10-tinycore64 32K
lame-dev dev files for lame 3.100 16KB
lame mp3 decoder 3.100 192KB
languageONE The newest, yet oldest of programming languages 2.01 2,625,536bytes
lazarus fpc ide 1.6.0 97MB
lcms2-bin icc color management apps 2.7 48KB
lcms2-dev lcms2 devs 2.7 36KB
leafpad-locale Leafpad Text Editor locale data TESTING 84K
leafpad Leafpad Text Editor TESTING 52K
leds-4.14.10-tinycore64 Led support 4.14.10-tinycore64 68K
lensfun-dev lensfun devs 0.3.2 32KB
lensfun lens correction database 0.3.2 336KB
less text viewer 458 72KB
lftp-doc Sophisticated ftp/sftp/fxp/http/bittorrent client 4.7.2 37k
lftp-locale Sophisticated ftp/sftp/fxp/http/bittorrent client 4.7.2 307k
lftp Sophisticated ftp/sftp/fxp/http/bittorrent client 4.8.3 528KB
liba52-dev liba52 devs 0.7.4 8KB
liba52 a/52 decoder 0.7.4 32KB
libaio-dev Asynchronous I/O Library development tools 0.3.111-1 28K
libaio Asynchronous I/O Library 0.3.111-1 4.0K
libao-dev libao devs 1.2.0 8KB
libao cross-platform audio library 1.2.0 32KB
libarchive-dev libarchive devs 3.3.2 28KB
libarchive libarchive devs 3.3.2 348KB
libart libart devs 2.3.21 28KB
libart gnome canvas functions 2.3.21 48KB
libasound alsa sound library 1.1.5 412KB
libass-dev libass devs 0.13.0 16KB
libass subtitle renderer 0.13.0 80KB
libassuan-dev IPC library used by some GnuPG related software dev files 2.4.3 12KB
libassuan IPC library used by some GnuPG related software 2.4.3 32KB
libatasmart-dev libatasmart devs 0.19 8KB
libatasmart ata smart library 0.19 28KB
libatomic_ops-dev libatomic_ops devs 7.2e 100KB
libatomic_ops atomic memory updater 7.2e 8KB
libavahi avahi network service libs 0.6.32 176KB
libavcodec3 ffmpeg codecs 3.4.5 4.7MB
libavcodec4 ffmpeg codecs 4.1 4.9MB
libavcodec ffmpeg codecs 2.8.12 4.2MB
libavdevice3 ffmpeg device library 3.4.5 48KB
libavdevice4 ffmpeg device library 4.1 48KB
libavdevice ffmpeg device library 2.8.12 52KB
libavfilter3 av filter library 3.4.5 896KB
libavfilter4 av filter library 4.1 1.0MB
libavfilter av filter library 2.8.12 536KB
libavformat3 av file format library 3.4.5 912KB
libavformat4 av file format library 4.1 952KB
libavformat av file format library 2.8.12 820KB
libavutil3 ffmpeg utility library 3.4.5 172KB
libavutil4 ffmpeg utility library 4.1 172KB
libavutil ffmpeg utility library 2.8.12 148KB
libblockdev-dev libblockdev devs 2.14 20KB
libblockdev-gir libblockdev gir files 2.14 96KB
libblockdev block device library 2.14 176KB
libbluetooth-dev bluetooth compatibility devs 5.49 44KB
libbluetooth bluetooth compatibility libs 5.49 56KB
libbluray-dev libbluray devs 0.9.2 20KB
libbluray bluray playback 0.9.2 88KB
libburn-dev libburn devs 1.3.2 56KB
libburn optical disk write library 1.3.2 172KB
libbytesize-dev libbytesize devs 1.2 4KB
libbytesize byte sized operationa 1.2 16KB
libcacard-dev libcacard devs 2.5.2 12KB
libcacard vm smartcard emulation 2.5.2 32KB
libcanberra-dev libcanberra devs 0.30 16KB
libcanberra xdg sound theme 0.30 88KB
libcap-dev libcap devs 2.25 4KB
libcap-ng-dev posix capabilities 0.7.8 4KB
libcap-ng posix capabilities 0.7.8 44KB
libcap posix capability interface 2.25 24KB
libcddb-dev libcddb devs 1.3.2 24KB
libcddb cddb data access 1.3.2 40KB
libcdio-dev libcdio devs 2.0.0 132KB
libcdio-paranoia-dev libcdio-paranoia devs 0.94 12KB
libcdio-paranoia cd data access 0.94 52KB
libcdio cd image access 2.0.0 172KB
libchamplain-dev libchamplain devs 0.12.16 56KB
libchamplain-gir libchamplain gir files 0.12.16 80KB
libchamplain interactive display widget 0.12.16 126KB
libchewing-dev The intelligent phonetic input method library 3df07c9 14 Nov 2017 652K
libchewing-doc The intelligent phonetic input method library 3df07c9 14 Nov 2017 16K
libchewing The intelligent phonetic input method library 3df07c9 14 Nov 2017 1.9M
libclc-dev libclc devs git (2017/09/22) 44KBB
libclc opencl amd/radeon drivers git (2017/09/22) 61MB
libcpuid-dev libcpuid devs git 15/05/25 220KB
libcpuid x86 cpu id git 15/05/25 28KB
libcroco-dev libcroco devs 0.6.12 40KB
libcroco CSS parsing library 0.6.12 96KB
libcue-dev libcue devs 2.2.0 4KB
libcue cue sheet parser 2.2.0 16KB
libcups2 cups libraries 2.2.4 308KB
libcups cups libraries 1.6.4 236KB
libdaemon-dev libdaemon devs 0.14 16KB
libdaemon daemon library 0.14 12KB
libdazzle-dev libdazzle devs 3.28.1 128KB
libdazzle-gir libdazzle gir files 3.28.1 180KB
libdazzle gobject/gtk+ companion 3.28.1 448KB
libdb Berkeley DB 12c Release 1 from Oracle 6.0.19 2.0M
libdca-dev libdca devs 0.0.5 4KMB
libdca dts decoder 0.0.5 104KMB
libdiscid-dev libdiscid devs 0.6.1 8KB
libdiscid disc id library 0.6.1 12KB
libdjvulibre digital document platform 3.5.27 544KB
libdmapsharing-dev libdmapsharing dev files 2.9.30 56KB
libdmapsharing-gir libdmapsharing gir files 2.9.30 36KB
libdmapsharing dmap library 2.9.30 76KB
libdmx-dev libdmx devs 1.1.3 4KB
libdmx libdmx 1.1.3 8KB
libdnet-dev Library for simplified portable interface to low-level networking routines development tools 1.12 64K
libdnet Library for simplified portable interface to low-level networking routines 1.12 36K
libdrm-dev libdrm devs 2.4.91 164KB
libdrm video drm 2.4.91 144KB
libdvdcss-dev libdvdcss devs 1.4.0 4KB
libdvdcss dvd block device library 1.4.0 16KB
libdv-dev libdv devs 1.0.0 8KB
libdvdnav-dev libdvdnav devs 5.0.3 16KB
libdvdnav dvd navigation library 5.0.3 36KB
libdvdread-dev libdvdread devs 5.0.3 20KB
libdvdread dvd read library 5.0.3 48KB
libdv dv video codec 1.0.0 56KB
libebml-dev libebml devs 1.3.3 48KB
libebml c++ library to parse ebml 1.3.3 44KB
libEGL-dev libEGL devs 18.0.0 32KB
libEGL graphics interface library 18.0.0 96KB
libepoxy-dev libepoxy devs 1.5.0 228KB
libepoxy opengl function pointer management 1.5.0 260KB
liberation-fonts-ttf see below 2.00.1 2.4M
libesmtp-dev libesmtp devs 1.0.6 8KB
libesmtp smtp library 1.0.6 36KB
libestr-dev Library for string manipulation development 0.1.11 48K
libestr Library for string manipulation 0.1.11 8.0K
libetpan libetpan devs git 2013/12/16 92KB
libetpan mail access library git 2013/12/16 264KB
libevdev-dev libevdev devs 1.5.9 32KB
libevdev xorg input common functions 1.5.9 44KB
libevent-dev Event Notification Library development tools 2.1.8 4.1M
libevent Event Notification Library 2.1.8 292K
libexif-dev EXIF Tag Parsing Library 0.6.21 102KB
libexif EXIF Tag Parsing Library 0.6.21 76KB
libexttextcat-dev libexttextcat devs 3.4.4 12KB
libexttextcat n-gram text categorization 3.4.4 188KB
libfastjson-dev Library for manipulation json objects development 0.99.8 252K
libfastjson Library for manipulation json objects 0.99.8 20K
libffi-dev Foreign function interface 3.2.1 8KB
libffi Foreign function interface 3.2.1 16KB
libfm-dev dev files for libfm 1.2.3 472k
libfm-doc docs for libfm 1.2.3 8.0K
libfm-locale Locales for libfm 1.2.3 508k
libfm Libraries for PCManFM 1.2.3 364K
libfontenc-dev fontenc devs 1.1.3 4KB
libfontenc fontenc 1.1.3 12KB
libFS-dev libFS devs 1.0.7 8KB
libFS libFS 1.0.7 20KB
libgcrypt1 gnupg crypto library 1.5.0 240KB
libgcrypt-dev libgcrypt devs 1.7.6 28KB
libgcrypt gnupg crypto library 1.7.6 488KB
libgdata-dev libgdata devs 0.16.1 164KB
libgdata-gir libgdata gir files 0.16.1 372KB
libgdata gdata protocol library 0.16.1 312KB
libgd-dev Graphics Library development tools 2.2.5 2.3M
libgd Graphics Library 2.2.5 148K
libgee-dev libgee devs 0.20.1 32KB
libgee-gir libgee gir files 0.20.1 84KB
libgee gobject interface library 0.20.1 264KB
libgeoip-dev libgeoip devs 1.6.9 8KB
libgeoip geoip legacy library 1.6.9 92KB
libgepub-dev libgepub devs 0.6.0 8KB
libgepub-gir libgepub gir files 0.6.0 12KB
libgepub epub document handler 0.6.0 24KB
libgit2-dev libgit2 devs 0.26.0 220KB
libgit2-glib-dev libgit2-glib devs 0.26.0 72KB
libgit2-glib-gir libgit2-glib gir files 0.26.0 152KB
libgit2-glib libgit2 glib wrapper 0.26.0 88KB
libgit2 git core library 0.26.0 412KB
libglade-dev User interface builder for Gtk+ 2.6.4 57k
libglade-doc User interface builder for Gtk+ 2.6.4 49k
libglade User interface builder for Gtk+ 2.6.4 37k
libGL-dev libGL devs 18.0.0 320KB
libGLESv2-dev libGLESv2 devs 18.0.0 56KB
libGLESv2 openGL ESv2 libs 18.0.0 12KB
libGL opengl library 18.0.0 172KB
libgnomecanvas-dev libgnomecanvas devs 2.30.3 32KB
libgnomecanvas canvas graphics engine 2.30.3 96KB
libgnome-keyring-dev libgnome-keyring devs 3.12.0 16KB
libgnome-keyring-gir libgnome-keyring gir files 3.12.0 52KB
libgnome-keyring gnome-keyring library 3.12.0 56KB
libgovirt-dev libgovirt devs 0.3.4 16KB
libgovirt-gir libgovirt gir files 0.3.4 20KB
libgovirt ovirt gobject wrapper 0.3.4 40KB
libgpg-error-dev libgpg-error devs 1.24 20KB
libgpg-error gnupg error library 1.24 48KB
libgphoto2-dev libgphoto2 devs 2.5.19 52KB
libgphoto2 digital camera access library 2.5.19 1.0MB
libgpod-dev libgpod devs 0.8.3 28KB
libgpod iPod/iPad/iPhone access library 0.8.3 244KB
libgs-dev libgs devs 9.10 776KB
libgsf-dev I/O abstraction for dealing with different structured file formats 1.14.36 48KB
libgsf-doc I/O abstraction for dealing with different structured file formats 1.14.26 86k
libgsf-gir libgsf gir files 1.14.36 68KB
libgsf-locale I/O abstraction for dealing with different structured file formats 1.14.26 49k
libgsf I/O abstraction for dealing with different structured file formats 1.14.36 128KB
libgs ghostscript library 9.10 2.3MB
libgsystem-dev libgsystem devs 2014.1 12KB
libgsystem-gir libgsystem gir files 2014.1 12KB
libgsystem glib external git 2014.1 720KB
libgtop-dev libgtop devs 2.38.0 40KB
libgtop-gir libgtop gir files 2.38.0 40KB
libgtop library that reads information about processes and the running system. 2.38.0 28KB
libgusb-dev libgusb devs 0.2.9 16KB
libgusb-gir libgusb gir files 0.2.9 24KB
libgusb libusb gobject wrapper 0.2.9 28KB
libgweather-dev libgweather devs 3.28.1 20KB
libgweather-gir libgweather gir files 3.28.1 36KB
libgweather weather information library 3.28.1 364KB
libgxps-dev libgxps devs 0.2.4 12KB
libgxps-gir libgxps gir files 0.2.4 16KB
libgxps gobject xps library 0.2.4 96KB
libical3-dev libical devs 3.0.3 232KB
libical3-gir libical gir files 3.0.3 260KB
libical3 icalendar library 3.0.3 332KB
libical-dev libical devs 2.0.0 128KB
libical-gir libical gir files 2.0.0 108KB
libical icalendar library 2.0.0 264KB
libICE-dev ICE dev 1.0.9 16KB
libICE ICE 1.0.9 40KB
libid3tag-dev libid3tag devs 0.15.1b 8KB
libid3tag id3 tag library 0.15.1b 36KB
libidl-dev libidl devs 0.8.14 12KB
libidl corba idl library 0.8.14 72KB
libidn2-dev libidn2 devs 2.0.4 8KB
libidn2 domain name decoder 2.0.4 72KB
libidn-dev Encode and decode internationalized domain names 1.32 90k
libidn-doc Encode and decode internationalized domain names 1.32 111k
libidn-locale Encode and decode internationalized domain names 1.32 86k
libidn Encode and decode internationalized domain names 1.32 82k
libimobiledevice-dev libimobiledevice devs 1.2.0 64KB
libimobiledevice iphone library 1.2.0 160KB
libinfo-dev libinput devs 1.10.2 48KB
libinput xorg input library 1.10.2 144KB
libiptcdata-dev libiptcdata devs 1.0.4 8KB
libiptcdata iptc metadata library 1.0.4 28KB
libisoburn-dev libisoburn devs 1.3.2 48KB
libisoburn cd/dvd/bd burn frontend 1.3.2 336KB
libisofs-dev libisofs devs 1.3.8 104KB
libisofs iso-9660 library 1.3.8 180KB
libiw wireless library 29 32KB
libjpeg-turbo-bin libjpeg-turbo apps 1.5.3 64KB
libjpeg-turbo-dev libjpeg-turbo devs 1.5.3 56KB
libjpeg-turbo jpeg library fork 1.5.3 244KB
libksba-dev CMS and X.509 access library under development dev files 1.3.0 12KB
libksba CMS and X.509 access library under development 1.3.5 88KB
liblcms2 icc color management 2.7 152KB
liblinear-dev liblinear devs 2.10 4KB
liblinear linear classifiers library 2.10 28KB
liblogging-dev Library for manipulating log entries development 1.0.6 92K
liblogging Library for manipulating log entries 1.0.6 12K
liblognorm-dev Library for normalizing log entries development 2.0.6 776K
liblognorm Library for normalizing log entries 2.0.6 68K
libltdl libltdl from libtool 2.4.6 16KB
liblvm2 partition spanning libraries 2.02.177 1.2MB
liblz4-dev liblz4 devs 1.8.3 32KB
liblz4 lossless compression 1.8.3 48KB
liblzma-dev Data compression library 5.2.3 64KB
liblzma Data compression library 5.2.3 72KB
libmad-dev libmad devs 0.15.1b 12KB
libmad mpeg audio decoder 0.15.1b 60KB
libmanette-dev libmanette devs 0.2.1 8KB
libmanette-gir libmanette gir files 0.2.1 8KB
libmanette game controller library 0.2.1 32KB
libmatroska-dev libmatroska devs 1.4.4 36KB
libmatroska audio/video container 1.4.4 120KB
libmbim-dev libmbim devs 1.16.0 52KB
libmbim glib modem interface 1.16.0 108KB
libmcrypt-dev GNU Unix crypt replacement library development tools 2.5.8 956K
libmcrypt GNU Unix crypt replacement library 2.5.8 88K
libmediaart-dev libmediaart devs 1.9.4 8KB
libmediaart-gir libmediaart gir files 1.9.4 16KB
libmediaart media art library 1.9.4 24KB
libmicrohttpd-dev libmicrohttpd devs 0.9.54 44KB
libmicrohttpd web server 0.9.54 52KB
libmng-dev libmng devs 2.0.3 48KB
libmng mng libs 2.0.3 160KB
libmnl-dev libmnl devs 1.0.4 4KB
libmnl-dev netlink userspace library 1.0.4 8KB
libmpeg2-dev libmpeg2 devs 0.5.1 8KB
libmpeg2 mpeg1 and mpeg2 codec 0.5.1 112KB
libmsgpack-dev Message Packing Library development tools 2.1.1 736K
libmsgpack Message Packing Library 2.1.1 12K
libmspack-dev Library for working with Microsoft compression formats development tools 0.5alpha 80K
libmspack Library for working with Microsoft compression formats 0.5alpha 44K
libmtp-dev libmtp devs 1.1.13 12KB
libmtp media transfer protocol 1.1.13 220KB
libmusicbrainz-dev libmusicbrainz devs 5.0.1 76KB
libmusicbrainz musicbrainz data access 5.0.1 156KB
libmypaint-dev libmypaint devs 1.3.0 8KB
libmypaint-gir libmypaint gir files 1.3.0 16KB
libmypaint mypaint brush engine 1.3.0 32KB
libndp-dev libndp devs 1.6 4KB
libndp ndp protocol library 1.6 16KB
libnet-dev Library for portable packet creation and injection development 1.1.6 764K
libnet Library for portable packet creation and injection 1.1.6 40K
libnfs-dev libnfs devs 1.9.8 44KB
libnfs nfs client library 1.9.8 84KB
libnghttp2-dev Library for HTTP/2 implementation development tools 1.34.0 1.1M
libnghttp2 Library for HTTP/2 implementation 1.34.0 64K
libnice-dev libnice devs 0.1.7 64KB
libnice ice library 0.1.7 408KB
libnl-dev libnl devs 3.2.21 252KB
libnl netlink protocol kernel interface 3.2.21 184KB
libnotify-dev libnotify devs 0.7.7 8KB
libnotify-gir libnotify gir files 0.7.7 12KB
libnotify notification library 0.7.7 16KB
libnuma-dev libnuma devs 2.0.11 8KB
libnuma non-uniform memery access 2.0.11 72KB
liboauth-dev liboauth devs 1.0.3 12KB
liboauth oauth c api 1.0.3 16KB
libofx-dev libofx dev files 0.9.11 16KB
libofx ofx command library 0.9.11 168KB
libogg-dev libogg devs 1.3.3 8KB
libogg ogg av library 1.3.3 12KB
libopenraw-dev libopenraw devs 0.0.9 16KB
libopenraw raw format decoder 0.0.9 128KB
libosinfo-dev libosinfo devs 1.1.0 60KB
libosinfo-gir libosinfo gir files 1.1.0 84KB
libosinfo os info library 1.1.0 640KB
libossp-uuid-dev libossp-uuid devs 1.6.2 8KB
libossp-uuid uuid library 1.6.2 44KB
libpackagekit-glib-gir libpackagekit-glib gir files 1.1.3 160KB
libpackagekit-glib package manager library 1.1.3 132KB
libpcap-dev libpcap devs 1.7.4 44KB
libpcap packet capture library 1.7.4 116KB
libpciaccess-dev pciaccess devs 0.14.0 8KB
libpciaccess pciaccess 0.14.0 16KB
libpci-dev libpci devs 3.5.4 28KB
libpci pci library 3.5.4 24KB
libpeas-dev gobject plugin engine devs 1.22.0 20KB
libpeas-gir gobject plugin engine gir files 1.22.0 28KB
libpeas gobject plugin engine 1.22.0 76KB
libpipeline-dev dev files 1.5.0 8.0K
libpipeline-doc docs 1.5.0 12K
libpipeline a C library 1.5.0 40K
libplist-dev libplist devs 1.12 16KB
libplist Apple property list access tools 1.12 36KB
libpng-bin libpng apps 1.6.34 24KB
libpng-dev libpng devs 1.6.34 64KB
libpng png library 1.6.34 96KB
libpoppler06 pdf rendering library 0.64.0 1016KB
libpoppler pdf rendering library 0.33.0 984KB
libpostproc3 ffmpeg post processing library 3.4.5 40KB
libpostproc4 ffmpeg post processing library 4.1 40KB
libpostproc ffmpeg post processing library 2.8.12 40KB
libpulseaudio pulseaudio sound server libs 9.0 588KB
libpurple-dev libpurple libs 2.10.9 276KB
libpurple multi-protocol im library 2.10.9 1.5MB
libpwquality-dev libpwquality devs 1.2.3 4KB
libpwquality password quality check 1.2.3 20KB
libqmi-dev libqmi devs 1.20.0 480B
libqmi glib modem interface 1.20.0 772B
libraw-dev libraw devs 0.17.0-alpha1 20KB
libraw raw digital camera access library 0.17.0-alpha1 484KB
librecad 2d cad software 2.2.0rc1 17.4MB
libreoffice office suite 131MB
librhash-dev librhash devs 1.3.5 4KB
librhash hash utility 1.3.5 84KB
librsvg-dev High performance SVG rendering library 2.40.20 12KB
librsvg-doc High performance SVG rendering library 2.40.1 25k
librsvg-gir librsvg gir files 2.40.20 12KB
librsvg High performance SVG rendering library 2.40.20 112KB
librsync-dev librsync devs git (2016/07/22) 12KB
librsync rsync library git (2016/07/22) 28KB
librtmp-dev librtmp devs 2.4 (git 2016/12/14) 68KB
librtmp rtmp toolkit 2.4 (git 2016/12/14) 92KB
libsamplerate-dev libsamplerate devs 0.1.8 4KB
libsamplerate audio samplerate converter 0.1.8 1.3MB
libsane-dev libsane devs 1.0.24 12KB
libsane scanner driver library 1.0.24 60KB
libsass-dev libsass devs 3.5.2 8KB
libsass sass compiler 3.5.2 624KB
libseccomp-dev libseccomp devs 2.3.3 12KB
libseccomp syscall interface 2.3.3 72KB
libsecret-dev libsecret devs 0.18.5 20KB
libsecret-gir libsecret gir files 0.18.5 84KB
libsecret gobject password library 0.18.5 96KB
libsigc++-dev libsigc++ devs 2.10.0 252KB
libsigc++ c++ callback 2.10.0 8KB
libsmbios-dev libsmbios devs 2.3.3 4KB
libsmbios smbios interface 2.3.3 200KB
libSM-dev SM 1.2.2 8KB
libSM SM 1.2.2 16KB
libsndfile-dev libsndfile devs 1.0.25 12KB
libsndfile r/w routines for audio data 1.0.25 168KB
libsodium-dev Library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password hashing 1.0.16 1.8M
libsodium Library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password hashing 1.0.16 160K
libsoup-dev libsoup devs 2.62.1 76KB
libsoup-gir libsoup gir files 2.62.1 240KB
libsoup http client/server 2.62.1 320KB
libspectre-dev libspectre devs 0.2.8 12KB
libspectre postscript renderer 0.2.8 28KB
libssh2-dev Library implementing the SSH protocol 1.8.0 24KB
libssh2-doc Library implementing the SSH protocol 1.4.3 37k
libssh2 Library implementing the SSH protocol 1.8.0 76KB
libssh-dev libssh devs 0.7.3 40KB
libssh ssh library 0.7.3 180KB
libstartup-notification-dev Library for startup notification of applications 0.9 21k
libstartup-notification Library for startup notification of applications 0.9 16k
libswresample3 ffmpeg rescaling library 3.4.5 44KB
libswresample4 ffmpeg rescaling library 4.1 44KB
libswresample ffmpeg rescaling library 2.8.12 44KB
libswscale3 ffmpeg image rescaling library 3.4.5 188KB
libswscale4 ffmpeg image rescaling library 4.1 188KB
libswscale ffmpeg image rescaling library 2.8.12 196KB
libtasn1-4-dev libtasn1-4 devs 4.13 8KB
libtasn1-4 asn1 encoder/decoder 4.13 48KB
libtasn1-dev libtasn1-dev 3.3 4KB
libtasn1 asn1 encoder/decoder 3.3 44KB
libtheora-dev libtheora devs 1.1.1 292KB
libtheora lossy video compression library 1.1.1 236KB
libtidy-dev Library for cleaning up HTML 5.6.0 3.5M
libtidy Library for cleaning up HTML 5.6.0 312K
libtiff tiff image library 4.0.3 168KB
litirpc-dev libtirpc devs 1.0.1 72KB
litirpc rpc library 1.0.1 68KB
libtool-dev libtool devs 2.4.6 136KB
libtool library support script 2.4.6 620KB
libtorrent-dev libtorrent devs 1.0.10 472KB
libtorrent c++ bittorrent 1.0.10 1.1MB
libu2f-host-dev libu2f-host devs 1.1.10 4.0K
libu2f-host Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host C Library 1.1.10 48K
libunistring-dev libunistring devs 0.9.9 44KB
libunistring unicode string manipulation 0.9.9 584KB
libupnp-dev libupnp devs 1.6.21 84KB
libupnp core upnp protocols 1.6.21 100KB
libusb-compat-dev libusb-compat devs 0.1.5 8KB
libusb-compat libusb compatibility wrapper 0.1.5 8KB
libusb-dev libusb devs 1.0.21 24KB
libusbmuxd-dev libusbmuxd devs 1.0.10 8KB
libusbmuxd usb multiplexer library 1.0.10 20KB
libusb usb library 1.0.21 44KB
libuv-dev libuv devs 1.19.2 28KB
libuv asynchronous i/o 1.19.2 68KB
libv4l2-dev libv4l2 devs 1.14.1 136KB
libv4l2 v4l2 libraries 1.14.1 204KB
libva-dev libva devs 1.8.2 124KB
libva video hardware acceleration 1.8.2 84KB
libva-utils libva tools 1.8.2 1.1MB
libvdpau-dev Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix Development Files 1.1.1 60KB
libvdpau Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix 1.1.1 28KB
libvdpau-va-gl vdpau va-api opengl driver 0.4.0 60KB
libvirt-dev libvert devs 1.3.5 84KB
libvirt-glib-dev libvir-glib devs 0.2.3 136KB
libvirt-glib-gir libvir-glib gir files 0.2.3 148KB
libvirt-glib libvirt wrapper 0.2.3 148KB
libvirt vm toolkit 1.3.5 5.1MB
libvncserver libvncserver devs 0.9.12 64KB
libvncserver vnc client/server library 0.9.12 176KB
libvorbis-dev libvorbis devs 1.3.5 16KB
libvorbis lossy audio compression library 1.3.5 212KB
libvpx17-dev libvpx17 devs 1.7.0 44KB
libvpx17 vp8 html5 codec 1.7.0 868KB
libvpx-dev libvpx devs 1.2.0 24KB
libvpx vp8 html5 codec 1.2.0 322KB
libwacom-dev libwacom devs 0.29 8KB
libwacom wacom tablet library 0.29 108KB
libwebp1-dev libwebp1 devs 1.0.1 40KB
libwebp1 webp library 1.0.1 360KB
libwebp-dev libwebp devs 0.6.0 40KB
libwebp-nox-dev webp library development 1.0.0 52K
libwebp-nox webp library 1.0.0 352K
libwebp webp library 0.6.0 336KB
libwmf-dev libwmf devs 40KB
libwmf wmf vector image library 820KB
libwnck-dev libwnck devs 3.24.1 24KB
libwnck-gir libwnck gir files 3.24.1 56KB
libwnck windows navigator construction tools 3.24.1 124KB
libX11-dev X11 dev 1.6.5 68KB
libX11 X11 1.6.5 928KB
libXau-dev libXau devs 1.0.8 4KB
libXau libXau 1.0.8 8KB
libXaw3d-dev libXaw3d devs 1.6.3 136KB
libXaw3d X 3d athena widget set 1.6.3 144KB
libXaw-dev Xaw-dev 1.0.13 124KB
libXaw Xaw 1.0.13 320KB
libxcb-dev xcb devs 1.13 432KB
libxcb xcb library 1.13 352KB
libXcomposite-dev Xcomposite devs 0.4.4 4KB
libXcomposite Xcomposite 0.4.4 4KB
libXcursor-dev Xcursor devs 1.1.15 8KB
libXcursor Xcursor 1.1.15 20KB
libXdamage-dev Xdamage devs 1.1.4 4KB
libXdamage Xdamage 1.1.4 4KB
libXdmcp-dev libXdmcp devs 1.1.2 8KB
libXdmcp libXdmcp 1.1.2 8KB
libXext-dev Xext dev 1.3.3 24KB
libXext Xext 1.3.3 28KB
libXfixes-dev Xfixes devs 5.0.3 4KB
libXfixes Xfixes 5.0.3 8KB
libXfont2-dev libXfont2 devs 2.0.1 4KB
libXfont2 legacy x11 font system 2.0.1 104KB
libXfont-dev Xfont-dev 1.5.2 24KB
libXfont Xfont 1.5.2 112KB
libXft-dev Xft-dev 2.3.2 8KB
libXft Xft 2.3.2 36KB
libXi-dev Xi-dev 1.7.9 16KB
libXinerama-dev Xinerama devs 1.1.3 4KB
libXinerama Xinerama 1.1.3 4KB
libXi Xi 1.7.9 28KB
libxkbcommon-dev libxkbcommon devs 0.8.0 80KB
libxkbcommon keyboard handler 0.8.0 120KB
libxkbfile-dev xkbfile-dev 1.0.9 16KB
libxkbfile xkbfile 1.0.9 64KB
libxklavier-dev libxklavier devs 5.4 20KB
libxklavier-gir libxklavier gir files 5.2.1 24KB
libxklavier xkb utility library 5.4 44KB
libxml2-bin The XML C parser development files. 2.9.7 32KB
libxml2-dev The XML C parser development files 2.9.7 116KB
libxml2-python libxml2 python module 2.9.7 192KB
libxml2 The XML C parser 2.9.7 596KB
libxml++-dev libxml++ devs 2.40.1 48KB
libxml++ c++ xml interface 2.40.1 68KB
libXmu-dev Xmu-dev 1.1.2 88K
libXmu Xmu 1.1.2 52K
libXpm-dev Xpm-dev 3.5.12 8KB
libXpm Xpm 3.5.12 48KB
libXrandr-dev Xrandr-dev 1.5.1 8KB
libXrandr Xrandr 1.5.1 20KB
libXrender-dev Xrender-dev 0.9.10 8KB
libXrender Xrender 0.9.10 20KB
libXres-dev Xres devs 1.2.0 4KB
libXres Xres 1.2.0 8KB
libxshmfence-dev libxshmfence devs 1.3 4KB
libxshmfence shared memory fence 1.3 4KB
libxslt-dev libxslt devs 1.1.32 44KB
libxslt xml2 extender 1.1.32 148KB
libXss-dev Xss devs 1.2.2 4KB
libXss Xss 1.2.2 8KB
libXt-dev Xt-dev 1.1.5 84KB
libXtst-dev Xtst devs 1.2.3 4KB
libXtst Xtst 1.2.3 12KB
libXt Xt 1.1.5 168KB
libXv-dev Xv 1.0.11 4KB
libXvmc-dev Xvmc-dev 1.0.10 4KB
libXvmc Xvmc 1.0.10 12KB
libXv Xv 1.0.11 8KB
libXxf86dga-dev X dga devs 1.1.4 4KB
libXxf86dga X dga 1.1.4 12KB
libXxf86vm-dev X vm devs 1.1.4 4KB
libXxf86vm X vm 1.1.4 8KB
libyajl-dev libyajl devs 2.1.0 12KB
libyajl json parser 2.1.0 44KB
libzapojit-dev libzapojit devs 0.0.3 12KB
libzapojit-gir libzapojit gir files 0.0.3 20KB
libzapojit hotmail/skydrive gobject wrapper 0.0.3 20KB
libzip-dev Library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives 1.4.0 64K
libzip Library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives 1.4.0 76K
libzstd zstandard compression 1.3.2 144KB
lighttpd Lighttp Web server 1.4.51 352K
links text mode browser 2.9 476KB
linux-4.14.3_api_headers linux kernel api devs 4.14.3 1.6MB
linux-kernel-sources-env Linux kernel full sources build environment 2.6 4.0K
linux-pam-dev linux pam devs 1.3.0 28KB
linux-pam pluggable authentication modules 1.3.0 248KB
llvm4-lib llvm libraries 4.0.1 10.2MB
llvm-bin llvm apps 6.0.0 8.2MB
llvm-dev llvm dev files 6.0.0 40MB
llvm-lib llvm libraries 6.0.0 12.6MB
lm-sensors-dev lm-sensors devs 3.3.5 228KB
lm-sensors hardware monitoring 3.3.5 116KB
lsof List Open Files. 4.89 80K
lsscsi scsi device list 0.28 24KB
lttng-ust-dev lttng-ust devs 2.10.1 64KB
lttng-ust linux trace toolkit 2.10.1 284KB
lua-5.1-dev lua-5.1 devs 5.1.5 16KB
lua-5.1-lib lua programming language 5.1.5 76KB
lua-5.1 lua programming language 5.1.5 128KB
lua-5.3-dev lua-5.3 devs 5.3.3 16KB
lua-5.3-lib lua programming language 5.3.3 96KB
lua-5.3 lua programming language 5.3.3 160KB
lua-dev Extension programming language 5.2.3 16KB
lua-doc Extension programming language 5.2.3 4k
luajit-2.1-beta1-dev luajit-2.1-beta1 devs git 2015/10/28 12KB
luajit-2.1-beta1 lua jit compiler git 2015/10/28 240KB
luajit-dev LUA Just in Time (JIT) compiler 2.0.5 12KB
luajit-doc LUA Just in Time (JIT) compiler 2.0.2 4k
luajit LUA Just in Time (JIT) compiler 2.0.5 272KB
lua-lib Extension programming language 5.2.3 94k
lua Extension programming language 5.2.3 144KB
lvm2-dev lvm2 devs 2.02.177 64KB
lvm2 partition spanning tools 2.02.177 888KB
lxappearance-dev Desktop-independent theme switcher for GTK+ 0.5.5 4k
lxappearance-locale Desktop-independent theme switcher for GTK+ 0.5.5 61k
lxappearance Desktop-independent theme switcher for GTK+ 0.5.5 33k
lxde-icon-theme icons for LXDE 0.5.1 10M
lxrandr-doc Desktop-independent monitor configuration tool for Xorg 0.1.2 4k
lxrandr-locale Desktop-independent monitor configuration tool for Xorg 0.1.2 37k
lxrandr Desktop-independent monitor configuration tool for Xorg 0.1.2 12k
lxterminal-doc docs for lxterminal 0.3.2 12K
lxterminal-locale locales for lxterminal 0.3.2 128K
lxterminal terminal from LXDE 0.3.2 76K
lz4-doc man pages for LZ4 r131 4.0K
lz4 LZ4 - Extremely fast compression r131 108K
lzip lzma data compressor 1.15 40KB
lzo-dev lzo devs 2.08 44KB
lzop file compressor 1.04 28KB
lzo lzo data compression 2.08 56KB
m4 m4 1.4.18 56KB
makedepend X makedepend util 1.0.5 16KB
makeself self-extractable compressed tar archive script 2.2.0 12KB
make gnu make 4.2.1 100KB
man-db-dev dev files 2.8.2 4.0K
man-db-doc docs 2.8.2 132K
man-db-locale locales 2.8.2 284K
man-db terminal software mainly to read man pages 2.8.2 272K
man-pages-doc man-pages 4.00 1.8M
man-pages man-pages 4.00 2.9M
mariadb-10.1-dev MariaDB database server development tools 10.1.33 7.0M
mariadb-10.1-doc MariaDB database server documentation 10.1.33 7.0M
mariadb-10.1-lib MariaDB database server 10.1.33 860K
mariadb-10.1 MariaDB database server 10.1.33 38M
mariadb-10.1-test Database based on MySQL testing and benchmarking suite 10.1.33 49M
mash-dev mash devs 0.2.0 12KB
mash-gir mash gir files 0.2.0 24KB
mash clutter 3d modeller 0.2.0 36KB
mc-doc User shell with text-mode full-screen interface 4.8.12 446k
mc-locale User shell with text-mode full-screen interface 4.8.12 995k
mc User shell with text-mode full-screen interface 4.8.13 1.3M
mdadm software raid tools 4.0 352KB
menu-cache-dev dev files for menu-cache 0.7.0 16K
menu-cache Library creating and utilizing menu caches 0.7.0 40K
mesa-demos 3d graphics demos/info 8.4.0 2.7MB
meson build system 0.47.1 448KB
midori web browser 05.11 860KB
minitube youtube player git 2015/12/08 1.3MB
mirrors Current mirror list. n/a 4K
mjwm-doc Documentation of mjwm v4.1.0-pre (git) 4.0K
mjwm Create JWM application menu from (freedesktop) desktop files v4.1.0-pre (git) 120K
mkisofs-tools iso fs tools 3.0.0 384KB
mkjavapkg Shell script to repackage Oracle Java for Tiny Core Linux. 0.1.1 20K
modemmanager-dev modemmanager devs 1.6.12 160KB
modemmanager-gir modemmanager gir files 1.6.12 488KB
modemmanager broadband modem api 1.6.12 1.2MB
module-init-tools kernel module apps 3.15 460KB
mono-dev Cross platform, open source .NET framework 24.6M
mono-doc Cross platform, open source .NET framework 156k
mono-locale Cross platform, open source .NET framework 217k
mono Cross platform, open source .NET framework 83.2M
mousetweaks mouse accessibility 3.12.0 32KB
mpc-dev mpc devs 1.0.3 4KB
mpc complex floating-point library 1.0.3 40KB
mpfr-dev mpfr devs 3.1.6 16KB
mpfr multiple precision floating point lib 3.1.6 180KB
mpg123-dev mpg123 devs 1.23.0 40KB
mpg123 console audio player 1.23.0 192KB
mplayer-cli cli movie player 1.3.0 1.8MB
mplayer movie player 1.3.0 2.1MB
mpv-dev mpv devs 0.29.1 60KB
mpv mpv media player 0.29.1 1.5MB
mtd-4.14.10-tinycore64 MTD support 4.14.10-tinycore64 380K
mtdev-dev mtdev devs 1.1.5 8KB
mtdev multi-touch driver 1.1.5 12KB
mtools dos disk utilities 4.0.17 92KB
mtpaint pixel image editor 3.44.92 (git 15_05_11) 356KB
mtr Traceroute and ping programs in a single network diagnostic tool 0.94 52K
mtx_doc MTX controls single or multi-drive SCSI media changers such as tape changers, autoloaders, tape libraries, or optical media jukeboxes. 1.3.12 16KB
mtx MTX controls single or multi-drive SCSI media changers such as tape changers, autoloaders, tape libraries, or optical media jukeboxes. 1.3.12 96KB
muparser-dev muparser devs 36KB
muparser fast math parser 96KB
mutter-dev mutter devs 3.28.2 640KB
mutter-gir mutter gir files 3.28.2 972KB
mutter compositing window manager 3.28.2 1.5MB
mypaint-dev mypaint devs 1.2.0 52KB
mypaint digital painting tool 1.2.0 34.1MB
nano-doc docs for nano 3.2 128K
nano-locale locales for nano 3.2 676K
nano A terminal editor 3.2 148K
nasm 80x86 assembler 2.13.02 360KB
nautilus-dev nautilus devs 3.28.1 16KB
nautilus-gir nautilus gir files 3.28.1 16KB
nautilus gnome file manager 3.28.1 796KB
ncurses5 Library to write text UI terminal-independent 5.9 196KB
ncurses-dev Library to write text UI terminal-independent 6.0 96KB
ncurses Library to write text UI terminal-independent 6.0 196KB
ncurses-terminfo Library to write text UI terminal-independent 6.0 668KB
ncurses-utils Library to write text UI terminal-independent 6.0 76KB
ncursesw-dev ncursesw devs 6.1 104KB
ncursesw ncurses wide 6.1 240KB
ncursesw-terminfo term independent text ui 6.1 736KB
ncursesw-utils ncurses wide utils 6.1 84KB
ndiswrapper-modules-4.14.10-tinycore64 ndiswrapper kernel module 1.61 96KB
ndiswrapper ndiswrapper 1.61 20KB
neon-dev neon devs 0.30.1 56KB
neon http and webdav library 0.30.1 72KB
net-bridging-4.14.10-tinycore64 Bridging support 4.14.10-tinycore64 112K
netfilter-4.14.10-tinycore64 Firewalling support 4.14.10-tinycore64 592K
net-sched-4.14.10-tinycore64 IP traffic control support 4.14.10-tinycore64 192K
net-snmp-dev Simple Network Management Protocol development tools 5.8 14M
net-snmp Simple Network Management Protocol 5.8 2.1M
nettle3-dev nettle3 devs 3.4 84KB
nettle3 low-level cryptographic library 3.4 264KB
nettle-dev nettle devs 2.7.1 36KB
nettle low-level cryptographic library 2.7.1 224KB
net-tools network tools CVS_20101030 136KB
network-manager-applet-dev network-manager-applet devs 1.8.10 20KB
network-manager-applet-gir network-manager-applet gir files 1.8.10 40KB
network-manager-applet network manager applet 1.8.10 644KB
networkmanager-dev networkmanager devs 1.8.6 368KB
networkmanager-gir networkmanager gir files 1.8.6 724KB
networkmanager-openvpn network manager openvpn plugin 1.0.2 84KB
networkmanager network manager 1.8.6 2.5MB
nfs-utils nfs fs utilities 1.3.3 176KB
nginx High performance WEB and reverse proxy server 1.15.6 600K
nimbus-roman-fonts see below zip 20180506 316K
nimbus-sans-fonts see below zip 20180506 244K
ninja build system 1.8.2 72KB
nmap network utility 7.12 6.6MB
node-dev nodejs dev for 64bit tinycore 12.16.0 700K
node-doc nodejs docs for 64bit tinycore 12.16.0 8.0K
node nodejs for 64bit tinycore 12.16.0 20.1M
notification-daemon A daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications 3.20.0 36KB
notocjk-regular-fonts-ttc Regular weight Noto fonts for Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 2.001 37M
notocoloremoji-fonts-ttf colour emoji fonts v2017-03-10 5.0MB
notosansbengali-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Bengali Regular fonts see comments 144K
notosansdevanagari-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Devanagari Regular fonts for Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, etc. see comments 148K
notosansgujarati-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Gujarati Regular fonts for Gujarati see comments 132K
notosansgurmukhi-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Gurmukhi Regular fonts for Punjab see comments 44K
notosanskannada-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Kannada Regular fonts for Kannada see comments 100K
notosansmyanmar-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Myanmar Regular fonts for Burmese see comments 96K
notosanstamil-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Tamil Regular fonts for Tamil. see comments 52K
notosanstelugu-fonts-ttf Stripped Noto Sans Telugu Regular fonts for Telugu see comments 128K
npt-dev gnu portable threads dev files 1.2 12KB
npth gnu portable threads 1.2 8KB
nspr-dev Netscape Portable Runtime, development files 4.13 176KB
nspr Netscape Portable Runtime. 4.13 132KB
nss-dev Network Security Services, development files 3.27 628KB
nss-mdns glibc nss plugin 0.10 12KB
nss Network Security Services 3.27 1.7MB
ntfs-3g-dev ntfs-3g devs 2016.2.22 104KB
ntfs-3g ntfs fs driver 2016.2.22 220KB
ntfsprogs ntfs utilities 2016.2.22 244KB
ntpclient ntp client 2010.365 12KB
ntp-server-doc NTP server and client Documentation 4.2.8p9 1.6M
ntp-server NTP server and client 4.2.8p9 728K
numlockx TESTING numlock control in X 1.2 8.0K
nvidia-384.90-doc NVIDIA x86 Linux Driver Documents 384.90 340K
nvidia-390.87-4.14.10-tinycore64 NVIDIA x86_64 Linux Driver, GLX modules, Nvidia Settings GUI 410.73 45M
nvidia-410.73-4.14.10-tinycore64 NVIDIA x86_64 Linux Driver, GLX modules, Nvidia Settings GUI 410.73 78M
nvidia-cuda-410.73-4.14.10-tinycore64 NVIDIA x86_64 Linux CUDA and OpenCL modules 410.73 43M
obconf-locale Configuration tool for openbox 2.0.4 188K
obconf Configuration tool for openbox 2.0.4 80K
obex-data-server obex data client server 0.4.6 64KB
obexd obex file transfer utility 0.48 152KB
ocl-icd-dev ocl-icd devs 2.2.10 12KB
ocl-icd opencl icd loader 2.2.10 44KB
ocltoys opencl graphics examples git 548KB
openal-dev openal devs 1.17.1 28KB
openal 3d virtual audio 1.17.1 384KB
openbox-config openbox menu configs 3.6.1 12K
openbox-dev Highly configurable, next generation window manager 3.6.1 780K
openbox-doc Highly configurable, next generation window manager 3.6.1 56K
openbox-locale Highly configurable, next generation window manager 3.6.1 176K
openbox Highly configurable, next generation window manager 3.6.1 260K
opencl_clhpp opencl host api c++ bindings 2.0.10 156KB
opencl_headers opencl headers 2.0 56KB
opencv-dev opencv devs 3.4.0 1.2MB
opencv real-time computer vision 3.4.0 38MB
openexr-dev opemexr devs 2.2.0 192KB
openexr hdr image format 2.2.0 876KB
openjpeg-dev openjpeg devs 2.3.0 24KB
openjpeg jpeg-2000 2.3.0 284KB
openldap-dev Lightweight Directory Access Protocol development tools 2.4.46 424K
openldap-doc Lightweight Directory Access Protocol documentation 2.4.46 336K
openldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 2.4.46 1.7M
openobex-dev openobex devs 1.7.1 12KB
openobex obex exhange library 1.7.1 44KB
openresty web app server 660KB
opensp-dev opensp dev files 1.5.2 108KB
opensp sgml xml parser 1.5.2 796KB
openssh openssh client and server 7.2p2 1.2MB
openssl-dev Dev files for openssl 1.0.2p 2.1MB
openssl-doc openssl docs 1.0.2d 1.3M
openssl Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS 1.0.2p 1.5MB
open-vm-tools-desktop GUI utilities for VMware hosted virtual machine clients (build-10430147) 124K
open-vm-tools-dev Development utilities for VMware and ESXi hosted virtual machine clients (build-10430147) 44K
open-vm-tools CLI utilities for VMware and ESXi hosted virtual machine clients (build-10430147) 508K
openvpn-dev openvpn devs 2.3.4 12KB
openvpn vpm secure tunneling 2.3.4 260KB
opera-12 Opera browser 12.12 18M
opus-dev opus devs 1.1.2 44KB
opusfile-dev opusfile devs 0.7 44KB
opusfile opus decoder api 0.7 40KB
opus rfc6716 codec 1.1.2 148KB
orca gui screen reader 3.28.1 780KB
orc-dev orc devs 0.4.28 36KB
orc oil runtime compiler 0.4.28 188KB
original-modules-4.14.10-tinycore64 Meta-extension depending on the original modules 4.14.10-tinycore64 4.0K
osinfo-db osinfo database 20180514 236KB
osinfo-db-tools osinfo tools 1.1.0 24KB
otter-browser qt5 web browser 0.9.12 2.0MB
oxygen-fonts see below zip 20180506 92K
p11-kit-dev Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules 0.23.10 28KB
p11-kit Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules 0.23.10 696KB
p7zip 7-zip compression utility 15.09 1.8MB
packagekit-dev packagekit devs 1.1.3 72KB
palemoon palemoon web browser 27.3.0 50M
pango-dev pango devs 1.42.1 84KB
pango-gir pango gir files 1.42.1 192KB
pangomm-dev pangomm devs 2.40.1 100KB
pangomm c++ bindings for pango 2.40.1 56KB
pango layout and rendering library 1.42.1 196KB
pan Pan is a Usenet newsreader 0.140 720KB
parallel parallel shell tool 20180422 188KB
partclone partition cloning utility 0.2.89 3.9MB
partclone-utils partclone tools 0.4.1 28KB
parted-dev parted devs 3.2 20KB
parted partioning utility 3.2 188KB
patch patch 2.7.5 68KB
pavucontrol pulseaudio volume control 3.0 84KB
pcaudiolib-dev pcaudiolib devs 1.0 4KB
pcaudiolib audio interface 1.0 8KB
pci-hotplug-4.14.10-tinycore64 PCI hotplug support 4.14.10-tinycore64 20K
pciutils PCI utilities 3.5.4 276KB
pcmanfm-dev Dev files for pcmanfm 1.2.3 4.0K
pcmanfm-doc pcmanfm docs 1.2.3 4.0K
pcmanfm-locale locales 1.2.3 412K
pcmanfm TESTING Graphical File Manager 1.2.3 120K
pcre2-dev pcre2 devs 10.22 32KB
pcre2 perl compatible libraries 10.22 340KB
pcre-dev pcre devs 8.40 32KB
pcre perl compatible libraries 8.40 308KB
pcsc-lite-dev pcsc-lite devs 1.8.16 32KB
pcsc-lite smart card interface library 1.8.16 72KB
perl5 Practical Extraction and Report Language 5.26.1 14.6MB
perl_archive_zip perl zip archive 1.60 68KB
perl_xml_parser perl xml::parser module 2.44 236KB
pgloader Migrate to PostgreSQL in a single command 3.4.1 20M
pgmodeler PostgreSQL database modeler 0.9.0-beta2 4.5M
pgtclng PostgreSQL library for TCl 2.1.1 32K
phonon-backends-gstreamer gstreamer phonon backend 4.8.2 188KB
phonon-dev phonon devs 4.8.3 144KB
phonon kde multimedia api 4.8.3 256KB
php7-cgi PHP Hypertext Processor CGI utility 7.2.12 1.9M
php7-cli PHP Hypertext Processor command line utility 7.2.12 1.9M
php7-dev PHP Hypertext Processor development tools 7.2.12 3.8M
php7-ext PHP Hypertext Processor extention modules 7.2.12 2.8M
php7-fpm PHP Hypertext Processor Fast Page Mode server 7.2.12 2.0M
php7-mod PHP Hypertext Processor Apache 2.4 module 7.2.12 2.1M
php7-pecl-sync PHP Hypertext Processor extention modules 1.1.1 48K
physfs-dev physfs devs 3.0.1 140KB
physfs abstract archive access 3.0.1 76KB
pianobar web radio client 2016.06.02 28KB
picolisp-doc Lisp interpreter and application server framework 17.12 420K
picolisp-lib Lisp interpreter and application server framework 17.12 1.1M
picolisp Lisp interpreter and application server framework 17.12 88K
pitivi video editor 0.95 1.5MB
pixman-dev dev files for pixman 0.34.0 12KB
pixman Pixel manipulation library. 0.34.0 284KB
pkcs11-helper-dev pkcs11-helper devs 2014/07/05 36KB
pkcs11-helper pkcs#11 helper 2014/07/05 44KB
pkg-config pkg-config compiling helper 0.29.2 60KB
pocl portable computer language 1.1 37MB
polari-gir polari gir files 3.28.0 8KB
polari internet relay client 3.28.0 244KB
polkit-dev polkit devs 0.114 32KB
polkit-gir polkit gir files 0.114 52KB
polkit-gnome polkit authentication agent 0.105 16KB
polkit authorization toolkit 0.114 140KB
poppler06-bin pdf tools 0.64.0 168KB
poppler06-dev poppler devs 0.64.0 388KB
poppler06-gir poppler gir files 0.64.0 92KB
poppler-qt5 poppler qt5 wrapper 0.64.0 152KB
poppler-bin pdf tools 0.33.0 136KB
poppler-data poppler data files 0.4.7 4.0MB
poppler-dev poppler devs 0.33.0 328KB
poppler-gir poppler gir files 0.33.0 92KB
poppler-qt4-dev poppler-qt4 devs 0.33.0 44KB
poppler-qt4 poppler qt4 wrapper 0.33.0 128KB
popt-dev A command-line option parsing library dev files 1.16 36K
popt-doc A command-line option parsing library doc files 1.16 16K
popt-locale A command-line option parsing library locale data 1.16 36K
popt A command-line option parsing library 1.16 24K
portaudio-dev portaudio devs 19.20140130 36KB
portaudio audio i/o library 19.20140130 72KB
portmap Portmapper for NFS NIS and FAM. 6.0 12K
postgresql-10-client PostgreSQL Database Management System client 10.6 340K
postgresql-10-dev PostgreSQL Database Management System development 10.6 6.7M
postgresql-10 PostgreSQL Database Management System 10.6 12M
postgresql-11-client PostgreSQL Database Management System client 11.1 348K
postgresql-11-dev PostgreSQL Database Management System development 11.1 6.9M
postgresql-11 PostgreSQL Database Management System 11.1 12M
postgresql-9.5-client PostgreSQL Database Management System client 9.5.15 264K
postgresql-9.5-dev PostgreSQL Database Management System development 9.5.15 5.8M
postgresql-9.5-doc PostgreSQL Database Management System documentation 9.5.3 5.8M
postgresql-9.5 PostgreSQL Database Management System 9.5.15 11M
postgresql-9.6-client PostgreSQL Database Management System client 9.6.11 280K
postgresql-9.6-dev PostgreSQL Database Management System development 9.6.11 6.3M
postgresql-9.6 PostgreSQL Database Management System 9.6.11 12M
postgresql-dev postgresql devs 9.4.5 1.0MB
postgresql database system 9.4.5 5.3MB
ppl-dev devs for ppl 0.12.1 920KB
ppl parma polyhedra library 0.12.1 1.7MB
pppd-dev pppd devs 2.4.7 48KB
pppd paul's ppp package 2.4.7 256KB
privoxy-doc Documentation for privoxy 3.0.26 504K
privoxy Non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy 3.0.26 304K
procps-ng-dev procps-ng devs 3.3.14 4KB
procps-ng basic development environment 3.3.14 192KB
psqlodbc PostgreSQL ODBC driver for unixODBC 228K
pth-dev gnu portable threads dev files 2.0.7 12KB
pth gnu portable threads 2.0.7 32KB
pugixml-dev pugixml devs 1.7 20KB
pugixml c++ xml parser 1.7 64KB
pulseaudio-dev pulseaudio devs 9.0 128KB
pulseaudio pulseaudio sound server 9.0 1.1MB
putty ssh and telnet for gtk2 0.64 1.4MB
py2cairo-dev py2cairo devs 1.10.0 4KB
py2cairo python cairo bindings 1.10.0 32KB
py3.6atspi python accessibility bindings 2.26.0 56KB
py3.6cairo-dev py3.6cairo devs 1.17.0 4KB
py3.6cairo python cairo bindings 1.17.0 68KB
py3.6cups python3.6 bindings for cups 1.9.73 68KB
py3.6gobject-dev py3.6gobject devs 3.28.2 12KB
py3.6gobject python gobject bindings 3.28.2 212KB
py3atspi python accessibility bindings 2.20.2 56KB
py3cairo-dev py3cairo devs 1.10.0 4KB
py3cairo python cairo bindings 1.10.0 36KB
py3cups python3 bindings for cups 1.9.73 68KB
py3gobject-dev py3gobject devs 3.22.0 12KB
py3gobject python gobject bindings 3.22.0 212KB
py3parsing grammar parser 2.1.1 52KB
py3tz python tzdata 2016.4 268KB
py3xdg python xdg bindings 0.25 40KB
pyasn1 asn.1 types and codecs 0.1.9 40KB
pyatspi python accessibility bindings 2.10.0 36KB
pycparser c parser 2.14 136KB
pycryptopp python crypto algorithms 1.8MB
pygobject2-dev pygobject2 devs 2.28.6 12KB
pygobject2 python gobject bindings 2.28.6 424KB
pygobject-dev pygobject devs 3.21.0 12KB
pygobject python gobject bindings 3.21.0 212KB
pygtk-dev pygtk devs 2.24.0 8KB
pygtk gtk2 python bindings 2.24.0 1.1MB
pyparsing grammar parser 2.1.1 52KB
python3.6-asn1crypto Fast ASN.1 parser and serializer 0.24.0 136K
python3.6-beaker caching and session module 1.9.0 56KB
python3.6-boto3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python 1.14.59 136K
python3.6-botocore A low-level interface to a growing number of Amazon Web Services. 1.17.59 11.6M
python3.6-certifi ca root certificates 2018.4.16 172KB
python3.6-cffi foreign function interface 1.11.5 184K
python3.6-chardet universal character encoding detector 3.0.4 128KB
python3.6-cryptography Cryptographic recipes and primitives for Python 2.4.2 464K
python3.6-dateutil python datetime extension 2.7.5 220KB
python3.6-dev python devs 3.6.4 1.5MB
python3.6-docutils Docutils is an open-source text processing system. 0.16 548K
python3.6-emoji-keyboard emoji picker 2.2.0 13.8MB
python3.6-evdev python evdev bindings 0.7.0 40KB
python3.6-idna idna support 2.6 48KB
python3.6-jmespath Allows you to declaratively specify how to extract elements from a JSON document 0.10.0 24K
python3.6-lxml-dev python3.6-lxml devs 4.1.1 44KB
python3.6-lxml xml module 4.1.1 1.3MB
python3.6-mako python template library 1.0.4 88KB
python3.6-markupsafe html unicode subclass 1.0 16KB
python3.6-numpy python scientific computing 1.11.2 4.4MB
python3.6-pyOpenSSL Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library 18.0.0 64K
python3.6-requests-aws4auth Amazon Web Services version 4 authentication for the Python Requests library. 0.9 36K
python3.6-requests python http library 2.18.4 84KB
python3.6-s3transfer A Python library for managing Amazon S3 transfers 0.3.3 84K
python3.6-setuptools setuptools for python3.6 40.6.3 316K
python3.6-six python-2/3 compatibility tool 1.11.0 12K
python3.6 python development environment 3.6.4 13.4MB
python3.6-urllib3 thread-safe connection pooling 1.22 136KB
python3.7-dev python development environment dev 3.7.6 6.1M
python3.7-doc python development environment documentation 3.7.6 8.0K
python3.7 python development environment 3.7.6 18M
python3-cycler composable cycles 0.10.0 8KB
python3-dateutil python datetime extension 2.5.3 192KB
python3-dev python devs 3.3.6 1.3MB
python3-enum enum module 1.1.6 28KB
python3-mako python template library 1.0.3 84KB
python3-markupsafe html unicode subclass 0.23 16KB
python3-matplotlib python 2d plotting 1.5.1 5.8MB
python3-numpy python scientific computing 1.10.1 4.6MB
python3-onboard onscreen keyboard 1.3.0 7.5MB
python3-requests python http library 2.7.0 476KB
python3-setuptools setuptools for python3 19.6.2 184KB
python3-six python-2/3 compatibility tool 1.10.1 12KB
python3 python development environment 3.3.6 9.4MB
python-beaker caching and session module 1.9.0 56KB
python-boost boost python library 1.55.0 120KB
python-cffi foreign function interface 1.7.0 168KB
python-cryptography cryptographic recipes and primitives 1.4 376KB
python-dev python programming language devs 2.7.14 1.0MB
python-duplicity cli backup 0.7.08 268KB
python-funcsigs pep362 backport 1.0.2 16KB
python-idna idna support 2.1 48KB
python-libtorrent python libtorrent binding 1.0.10 448KB
python-lockfile lockfile api 0.12.2 12KB
python-m2crypto openssl python wrapper 0.25.1 228KB
python-mako python template library 1.0.4 88KB
python-markupsafe html unicode subclass 1.0 16KB
python-numpy python scientific computing 1.10.1 4.3MB
python-olefile python ole2 support 0.44 48KB
python-paramiko ssh2 connection tools 2.0.1 204KB
python-pillow pil fork 4.2.1 416KB
python-setuptools setuptools for python 20.4 280KB
python-six python-2/3 compatibility tool 1.10.1 12KB
python python programming language 2.7.14 10.6MB
python-typing python type hints 20KB
python-urwid console user interface 1.3.1 260KB
qemu qemu virtualisation 2.11.1 15.2MB
qpdf-dev qpdf devs 6.0.0 48KB
qpdf qpdf 6.0.0 304KB
qt-4.x-base qt gui framework 4.8.6 5.7MB
qt-4.x-bin qt gui framework 4.8.6 6.1MB
qt-4.x-dbus qt gui framework - dbus 4.8.6 252KB
qt-4.x-dev qt devs 4.8.6 2.2MB
qt-4.x-extended qt gui framework 4.8.6 656KB
qt-4.x-opengl qt gui framework - opengl 4.8.6 304KB
qt-4.x-qt3support qt gui framework - qt3 support 4.8.6 252KB
qt-4.x-script qt script 4.8.6 884KB
qt-4.x-sql qt gui framework 4.8.6 96KB
qt-4.x-webkit qt gui framework - qtwebkit 4.8.6 10.0MB
qt-4.x-xml qt gui framework - xml 4.8.6 84KB
qt-5.x-all qt gui framework 5.11.2 25.4MB
qt-5.x-base qt gui framework 5.11.2 10.1MB
qt-5.x-bin qt gui framework 5.11.2 17.0MB
qt-5.x-dbus qt gui framework dbus 5.11.2 348KB
qt-5.x-dev qt devs 5.11.2 12.1MB
qt-5.x-extended qt gui framework 5.11.2 236KB
qt-5.x-opengl qt gui framework opengl 5.11.2 2.7MB
qt-5.x-printsupport qt-5.x printer support 5.11.2 192KB
qt-5.x-script qt script 5.11.2 892KB
qt-5.x-sql qt sql framework 5.11.2 112KB
qt-5.x-webengine qt-5.x web engine 5.11.2 65.6MB
qt-5.x-xml qt gui framework xml 5.11.2 1.2MB
quagga Quagga Routing Software Suite 2.0M
raid-dm-4.14.10-tinycore64 Raid support 4.14.10-tinycore64 452K
raptor-dev raptor devs 2.0.15 24KB
raptor rdf parser 2.0.15 176KB
rarian-dev rarian devs 0.8.1 8KB
rarian documentation metadata library 0.8.1 156KB
rasqal-dev rasqal devs 0.9.33 24KB
rasqal rdf syntax tool 0.9.33 208KB
rdesktop-doc Open source client for Microsoft's RDP protocol v1.8.3-109-g04761c6 8.0K
rdesktop-keymaps Open source client for Microsoft's RDP protocol v1.8.3-109-g04761c6 32K
rdesktop Open source client for Microsoft's RDP protocol v1.8.3-109-g04761c6 132K
re2c lexar tool 0.16 108KB
readline6 The GNU Readline Library 6.3 124KB
readline-dev The GNU Readline Library 7.0 28KB
readline The GNU Readline Library 7.0 144KB
recode-dev Library to convert between character sets development tools -git 2.8M
recode Library to convert between character sets -git 516K
recordmydesktop Desktop Session Recorder 48KB
redis Redis - In-memory structured data store 3.2.6 1.1M
redland-dev redland devs 1.0.17 36KB
redland rdf support 1.0.17 136KB
rest-dev rest devs 0.8.0 24KB
rest-gir rest gir files 0.8.0 44KB
rest restful access library 0.8.0 48KB
retro-gtk-dev retro-gtk devs 0.14.0 12KB
retro-gtk-gir retro-gtk fir files 0.14.0 28KB
retro-gtk libretro toolkit 0.14.0 60KB
rfkill rf state utility 0.5 8KB
rhythmbox-dev rhythmbox dev files 3.4.2 124KB
rhythmbox-gir rhythmbox gir files 3.4.2 272KB
rhythmbox rhythmbox music player 3.4.2 1.3MB
rox-filer-doc docs 2.11 284K
rox-filer file manager 2.11 540K
rpcbind rpcbind 0.2.3 32KB
rpm-dev rpm devs 88KB
rpm rpm package manager 1.1MB
rsync File transfer and syncronization program. 3.1.1 312K
rsyslog Syslog server and logging 8.38.0 784K
ruby-dev ruby devs 2.2.0 60KB
ruby ruby scripting language 2.2.0 5.6MB
run-parts run-parts from debianutils 4.8 8KB
rxvt-doc Unicode and 265-color VT102 terminal emulator 9.22 1.1M
rxvt Unicode and 265-color VT102 terminal emulator 9.22 496K
rygel-dev rygel devs 0.36.0 64KB
rygel-gir rygel gir files 0.36.0 112KB
rygel dnla services 0.36.0 848KB
samba-dev samba devs 4.6.3 380KB
samba-libs samba cifs libs 4.6.3 28KB
samba windows network services 4.6.3 11.4MB
sbc-dev sbc devs 1.3 4KB
sbcl Steel Bank Common Lisp 1.3.19 15M
sbc digit audio data transfer 1.3 48KB
scdoc-doc man page 1.4.1 4.0K
scdoc small man page generator 1.4.1 320K
scons software construction tool 3.0.0 712KB
screen-doc WIndow manager that multiplexes terminal between processes 4.4.0 90k
screen WIndow manager that multiplexes terminal between processes 4.6.2 428KB
scrollkeeper scrollkeeper documentation catalog 0.3.14 92KB
scsi-4.14.10-tinycore64 SCSI support 4.14.10-tinycore64 2.4M
sctp-4.14.10-tinycore64 sctp support 4.14.10-tinycore64 108K
sdl2-dev sdl2 devs 2.0.1 276KB
sdl2_image-dev sdl2_image devs 2.0.1 4KB
sdl2_image image file loading library 2.0.1 40KB
sdl2 low level hardware support 2.0.1 344KB
sdl-dev sdl devs 1.2.15 136KB
sdl_image-dev sdl_image devs 1.2.12 4KB
sdl_image image file loading library 1.2.12 28KB
sdl_sound-dev sdl_sound devs 1.0.3 12KB
sdl_sound sound decoder 1.0.3 84KB
sdl low level hardware support 1.2.15 160KB
seahorse encryption key gui 3.16.0 480KB
secure-erase ATA Secure Erase None specified 12K
sed sed 4.4 40KB
serf-dev serf devs 1.3.9 24KB
serf http client library 1.3.9 48KB
sg3-utils-dev sg3-utils devs 1.40b 28KB
sg3-utils scsi and usb utilities 1.40b 588KB
sgml-common sgml and xml tool 0.6.3 40KB
shadow login tools 4.5 468KB
shared-mime-info Shared MIME database 1.10 600KB
shotwell-dev shotwell devs 0.26.2 8KB
shotwell digital photo manager 0.28.3 2.4MB
simple-mtpfs Userspace filesystem for MTP (Android) devices 0.3.0 60K
simple-scan simple scanner 3.28.1 160KB
slang-dev Multi-platform programmer's library 2.2.4 25k
slang-doc Multi-platform programmer's library 2.2.4 291k
slang-shell Multi-platform programmer's library 2.2.4 90k
slang Multi-platform programmer's library 2.2.4 352k
smake unix make implementation 1.2.4 52KB
smartmontools disk monitoring/testing utilities 6.2 336K
snap2usb Screenshot To USB tool 1.0 8.0K
socat data relay 152KB
sound-juicer cd ripping tool 3.22.0 192KB
sound-theme-freedesktop freedesktop sound theme 0.8 432KB
spacefm_gtk2 gtk2 file manager 1.0.4 632K
spacefm gtk3 file manager 1.0.4 632K
speech-dispatcher-dev speech-dispatcher devs 0.8.8 8KB
speech-dispatcher speech sysntesis interface 0.8.8 424KB
speex-dev Patent-free, Open Source/Free Software voice codec 1.2.0 16KB
speex-doc Patent-free, Open Source/Free Software voice codec 1.2rc1 422k
speexdsp-dev speechdsp devs 1.2rc3 16KB
speexdsp speech dsp 1.2rc3 36KB
speex Patent-free, Open Source/Free Software voice codec 1.2.0 48KB
spice-dev spice devs 0.14.0 16KB
spice-gtk-dev spice-gtk devs 0.32 44KB
spice-gtk-gir spice-gtk gir files 0.32 64KB
spice-gtk spice client 0.32 492KB
spice-protocol spice client headers 0.12.13 32KB
spice vm remote display 0.14.0 440KB
spive-vdagent spice vm guest agent 0.17.0 44KB
sqlite3-bin Library that implements a self-contained database engine 36KB
sqlite3-dev Library that implements a self-contained database engine 184KB
sqlite3 Library that implements a self-contained database engine 388KB
squashfs-tools compressed read-only file filesystem tools 4.3-git 116KB
sshfs-fuse ssh filesystem client 2.5 28KB
sstrip elf stripper 3.1 8KB
startup-notification-dev Library for startup notification of applications Development Files 0.12 8KB
startup-notification Library for startup notification of applications 0.12 16KB
strace system call tracer 4.8 128KB
stripcmt Utility to remove comments from C, C++, and Java source files. 0.1.2 8.0K
submitqc TESTING Extension audit tool for the TC (cross-repo) 2015/12/08 24K
Subsurface SCUBA diving log and computer interface 4.7.6 8.8M
sunpinyin-dev Chinese conversion engine development files. 3.0.0 88K
sunpinyin-doc Chinese conversion engine. 3.0.0 36K
sunpinyin Chinese conversion engine. 3.0.0 26M
svn-dev svn dev files 1.8.19 500KB
svn svn client 1.8.19 1.3MB
swig wrapper and interface generator 3.0.8 1.4MB
syslinux extlinux/syslinux 6.03 2.5MB
sysstat System performance tools for the Linux operating system (sar) 12.3.3 356K
system-config-printer python cups configuration utility 1.5.11 424KB
taglib-dev taglib devs 1.11.1 212KB
taglib audio tag library 1.11.1 320KB
tar The GNU Tape ARchiver program 1.29 184KB
tce-md5check updates/resolves missing tcz.md5.txt files, tcz integrity check and update 1.10 8.0K
tc-install-GUI Tiny Core Installation Tool (Graphical User Interface) 0.8 12K
tc-install Tiny Core Installation Tool 0.8 12K
tcl8.6-dev Tool command language development tools 8.6.8 564K
tcl8.6-doc Tool command language documentation 8.6.8 1.4M
tcl8.6 Tool command language 8.6.8 2.3M
tcl-dev Tool command language dev files. 8.5.12 128KB
tcllib-1.18-doc Tool command language utility modules documentation 1.18 2.4M
tcllib-1.18 Tool command language utility modules 1.18 2.6M
tcl Tool command language. 8.5.12 1.1M
tcltls TLS library for TCL 1.6.7 24K
tcludp UDP library for TCL 1.0.11 16K
tcpdump a tool for network monitoring and data acquisition 4.7.4 388K
tcp_wrappers-dev tcp_wrappers devs 7.6 132KB
tcp_wrappers The TCP/IP daemon wrapper package 7.6 32KB
tdb-dev trivial database devs 1.2.12 8KB
tdb trivial database 1.2.12 48KB
telepathy-farstream-dev telepathy-farstream devs 0.6.1 4KB
telepathy-farstream-gir telepathy-farstream gir files 0.6.1 8KB
telepathy-farstream telepathy farstream client 0.6.1 68KB
telephony-glib-dev telephony-glib devs 0.24.1 312KB
telephony-glib-gir telephony-glib gir files 0.24.1 556KB
telephony-glib real time communication framework 0.24.1 808KB
telepathy-haze telepathy connection manager 0.8.0 76KB
telepathy-idle irc connection manager 0.2.0 64KB
telepathy-logger-dev telepathy-logger devs 0.8.2 8KB
telepathy-logger-gir telepathy-logger gir files 0.8.2 16KB
telepathy-logger telepathy logger 0.8.2 84KB
telepathy-mission-control-dev telepathy-mission-control devs 15.16.3 16KB
telepathy-mission-control telepathy account manager 15.16.3 188KB
terminus-fonts Clean, fixed-width bitmapped fonts, great for long sessions 4.46 1.4M
texinfo.tce Texinfo uses a single source file to produce output in a number of formats, both online and printed (dvi, html, info, pdf, xml, etc.) 6.5 1.8MB
texworks tex authoring 0.6.2 2.7MB
thinkpad-acpi-4.14.10-tinycore64 Thinkpad acpi support 4.14.10-tinycore64 44K
tiff-bin tiff image tools 4.0.9 188KB
tiff-dev tiff devs 4.0.9 24KB
timidity-freepats sound fonts 20180613 141MBB
timidity midi-to-wave converter and player 2.15.0 432KB
tk8.6-dev TK interface to the Tcl tool command language GUI development 8.6.8 548K
tk8.6-doc TK interface to the tcl tool command language documentation 8.6.8 964K
tk8.6 TK interface to the tcl tool command language 8.6.8 964K
tk-dev TK interface to the tcl tool command language dev files. 8.5.12 72KB
tk TK interface to the tcl tool command language. 8.5.12 916KB
tmux terminal multiplexer 2.8 212KB
tolua++-5.1-dev tolua++-5.1 devs 1.0.93 (git) 4KB
tolua++-5.1-lib tolua c++ extension 1.0.93 (git) 16KB
tolua++-5.1 tolua c++ extension 1.0.93 (git) 48KB
tor TOR - The Onion Router 3.1M
totem-dev totem devs 3.26.2 8KB
totem-gir totem gir files 3.26.2 16KB
totem-pl-parser-dev totem-pl-parser devs 3.26.1 8KB
totem-pl-parser-gir totem-pl-parser gir files 3.26.1 16KB
totem-pl-parser playlist parser 3.26.1 56KB
totem Movie Player of GNOME 3.26.2 812KB
tpm2-tools-doc TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2 tools 2.0.0 80KB
tpm2-tools TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2 tools 2.0.0 428KB
tpm2-tss-dev tpm2-tss devs 1.0 220K
tpm2-tss TCG TPM2 Software Stack 1.0 72K
tpm-tools-dev tpm-tools devs 4KB
tpm-tools-doc Enable user and application enablement of Trusted Computing using a TPM. 24K
tpm-tools Enable user and application enablement of Trusted Computing using a TPM. 244K
trace-cmd kernel command tracer git (2017/02/08) 380KB
traceroute traceroute network utility 2.0.19 28KB
tracker2-dev tracker2 devs 2.0.3 40KB
tracker2-gir tracker2 gir files 2.0.3 76KB
tracker2 data storage/search engine 2.0.3 660KB
tracker-dev tracker devs 1.12.4 52KB
tracker-gir tracker gir files 1.12.4 76KB
tracker-miners data storage/search engine miners 2.0.4 412KB
tracker data storage/search engine 1.12.4 1.1MB
transmission bit torrent client 2.92 1.2MB
tree recursive directory listing program document 1.7.0 80K
trousers-dev trousers devs 0.3.14 76K
trousers-doc Trusted Computing Software Stack 0.3.14 88KB
trousers Trusted Computing Software Stack 0.3.14 292KB
ttf-bitstream-vera Bitstream Vera fonts 1.10 360KB
tzdata-doc Time Zone Database 2015f 20K
tzdata Time Zone Database 2015f 508K
ucl-dev ucl devs 1.0.3 12KB
ucl data compression library 1.0.3 24KB
udev_extras_v4l udev v4l tools 173 20KB
udev-extra additional udev tools 174 100KB
udevil-locale udevil locale files 0.4.3 68K
udevil udevil 0.4.3 76K
udev-lib-dev udev-lib devs 173 4KB
udev-lib udev interface library 173 24KB
udisks-dev udisks devs 2.7.6 40KB
udisks-gir udisks gir files 2.7.6 308KB
udisks disk utility 2.7.6 472KB
ufraw raw image utility 0.22 1.2MB
uget download manager 2.0.8 220KB
uhttpmock-dev uhttpmock devs 0.4.0 8KB
uhttpmock-gir uhttpmock gir files 0.4.0 16KB
uhttpmock http mock 0.4.0 24KB
unbound-dev unbound devs 1.8.1 12KB
unbound dns resolver 1.8.1 1.1MB
unclutter hide x cursor after timeout 8 8.0K
unifont GNU Unicode Font 8.0.01 8.5M
unixODBC-dev ODBC driver manager development tools 2.3.5 64K
unixODBC ODBC driver manager 2.3.5 216K
unrar rar extraction utility 5.0.13 96KB
unzip zip extraction 6.0 96KB
upower-dev upower devs 0.99.7 12KB
upower-gir upower gir files 0.99.7 20KB
upower power device interface 0.99.7 172KB
upx executable file compressor 3.91 488KB
urlmatch url matcher git (2017/02/26) 12KB
usbmuxd usb iOS multiplexer 1.0.10 32KB
usbredir-dev usbredir devs 0.7.1 16KB
usbredir vm usb redirection protocol 0.7.1 36KB
usb-serial-4.14.10-tinycore64 USB serial/3g modem support 4.14.10-tinycore64 260K
usb-utils usb-utils and usb.ids 007 240KB
userspace-rcu-dev userspace-rcu devs 0.9.3 92KB
userspace-rcu read-copy-update library 0.9.3 76KB
util-linux_base-dev util-linux devs 2.31 8KB
util-linux-dev util-linux devs 2.31 48KB
util-linux linux tools 2.31 1.1MB
util-macros X m4 macros 1.19.2 28KB
v4l2-utils v4l2 utilities 1.14.1 496KB
v4l-dvb-4.14.10-tinycore64 v4l/dvb/webcam support 4.14.10-tinycore64 3.3M
vala-dev Compiler for the GObject type system 0.40.3 64KB
vala-doc Compiler for the GObject type system 0.24.0 4k
vala Compiler for the GObject type system 0.40.3 2.7MB
valgrind instrumentation framework 3.10.1 16.4MB
varnish Varnish HTTP Cache 5.0.0 964K
veracrypt disk encryption 1.21 1.6MB
vim VI Improved text editor console version 8.1.0451 1.3M
vinagre gnome vnc client 3.22.0 176KB
vino gnome vnc server 3.22.0 120KB
virt-viewer guest os viewer 6.0 144KB
vlc-dev Dev files for vlc 3.0.4 520KB
vlc-doc Some docs for vlc 2.2.1 68K
vlc-locale locale files for vlc 2.2.1 13M
vlc audio and video media player 3.0.4 5.5MB
volume_key-dev volume_key devs 0.3.9 8KB
volume_key-dev manipulation of storage volume keys 0.3.9 68KB
vorbis-tools tools for ogg codec 1.4.0 96KB
vte-dev vte devs 0.52.1 20KB
vte-gir vte gir files 0.52.1 52KB
vte vte 0.52.1 176KB
watchdog-4.14.10-tinycore64 Watchdog support 4.14.10-tinycore64 124K
watcher FLTK cpu/ram/swap/battery meter 1.9 8KB
wavpack-dev wavpack devs 4.75.2 8KB
wavpack wavefile compressor 4.75.2 124KB
wayland-dev wayland devs 1.16.0 120KB
wayland-protocols wayland protocols 1.15 132KB
wayland compositor protocol 1.16.0 112KB
wbar Icon Quick Launch Bar 2.3.0-3 36KB
webkit-dev webkit devs 1.8.3 556KB
webkitfltk fltk webkit port 0.5.0 30MB
webkit-gir webkit gir files 1.8.3 292KB
webkitgtk4-dev webkitgtk4 devs 2.22.2 288KB
webkitgtk4-gir webkitgtk4 gir files 2.22.2 452KB
webkitgtk4 webkit gtk3 port 2.22.2 51.7MB
webkitgtk-dev webkitgtk devs 2.4.11 340KB
webkitgtk-gir webkitgtk gir files 2.4.11 736KB
webkitgtk webkit gtk3 port 2.4.11 29MB
webkit web browser engine 1.8.3 13.0MB
websocketd Allow programs to be accessed via a WebSocket 0.3.0 2.6M
weston-dev weston devs 5.0.0 52KB
weston.ini Create a weston.ini 1.0 4.0K
weston reference wayland compositor 5.0.0 1.6MB
wget-doc GNU internet file retriving tool 1.15 98k
wget-locale GNU internet file retriving tool 1.15 623k
wget GNU internet file retriving tool 1.19.5 180KB
whois whois domain lookup 5.1.1 20KB
wicd python network manager 1.7.4 300KB
wifi Tiny Wifi Scanning Tool 1.4 4K
wily text editor 0.13.42 60KB
wimax-4.14.10-tinycore64 Wimax support 4.14.10-tinycore64 44K
wine wine is not an emulator 2.0.3 40MB
wireless-4.14.10-tinycore64 Wireless support 4.14.10-tinycore64 3.2M
wireless_tools wireless tools 29 44KB
wireshark-dev wireshark devs 2.2.1 8KB
wireshark network protocol analyzer 2.2.1 22MB
wl-modules-4.14.10-tinycore64 broadcom wl kernel module 2.6MB
wmfs2 Window Manager From Scratch 3c701a9 48K
wpa_supplicant-dbus wpa supplicant dbus 2.6 + 2017-1 and 2018-1 security patches 440K
wv-dev wv devs 1.2.9 40KB
wvdial ppp dialler 1.6.1 44KB
wvstreams-dev wvstreams devs 4.6.1 268KB
wvstreams c++ network libraries 4.6.1 448KB
wv ms word tools 1.2.9 192KB
wxwidgets-dev wxwidgets devs 3.0.3 1.9MB
wxwidgets c++ gui framework 3.0.3 5.0MB
x11vnc vnc server 0.9.14 660KB
x264_148-dev x264_148 devs 20170822-2245 20KB
x264_148 h.264/mpeg-4 video encoder 20170822-2245 412KB
x264-dev x264 devs 20141208-2245 20KB
x264 h.264/mpeg-4 video encoder 20141208-2245 416KB
x265_146-dev x265_146 devs 2.1 36KB
x265_146 h.265 encoder 2.6 892KB
x265-dev x265 devs 2.9 36KB
x265 h.265 encoder 2.9 1004KB
xarchiver archive manager 0.5.4 240KB
xautomation-doc X windows automation tool 1.09 8.0K
xautomation X windows automation tool 1.09 64K
xbindkeys x key binder 1.8.6 20KB
xbitmaps x window bitmaps 1.1.2 28KB
xcb-proto xcb protocol descriptions 1.13 188KB
xclip x11 cli clipboard 0.13 12KB
xcursor-themes cursor themes 1.0.5 532KB
xdg-user-dirs xdg desktop folder tool 0.17 12KB
xdg-utils xdg utilities 1.1.0-rc2 80KB
Xdialog-doc Xdialog docs and man pages 2.3.1 304K
Xdialog Xdialog for creating easy GUIs 2.3.1 40K
xf86-input-evdev Xorg input driver 2.10.5 28KB
xf86-input-libinput Xorg input driver 0.27.1 28KB
xf86-input-synaptics synaptics touchpad driver 1.9.0 44KB
xf86-input-vmmouse vm mouse driver 13.1.0 12KB
xf86-input-wacom-dev xf86-input-wacom devs 0.32.0 8KB
xf86-input-wacom wacom tablet driver 0.36.0 80KB
xf86-video-amdgpu xorg amd radeon video drivers 18.0.1 56KB
xf86-video-ati xorg modesetting video driver 18.0.1 160KB
xf86-video-intel xorg intel video driver 20180223 804KB
xf86-video-vesa xorg generic video driver 2.4.0 12KB
xf86-video-vmware vmware video driver 13.3.0 68KB
Xfbdev X framebuffer 1.3.0 356KB
xfsprogs-dev xfsprogs devs 4.5.0 60KB
xfsprogs xfs utilities 4.5.0 544KB
xfwm4-doc docs 4.13.0 12K
xfwm4-extra-themes extra themes 4.13.0 148K
xfwm4-list special TCZ to create xfce.lst 4.13.0 4.0K
xfwm4-locale locales 4.13.0 360K
xfwm4 BETA xfce window manager 4.13.0 296K
xkeyboard-config keyboard database 2.23.1 756KB
Xlibs Xlibs xlibs 1.2MB
xmlto front-end to xsl toolchain 0.0.26 24KB
xmms-dev xmms devs 1.2.11 36KB
xmms-flac xmms flac plugin 1.3.0 8KB
xmms-pulse xmms pulseaudio plugin 0.9.4 12KB
xmms x multimedia player 1.2.11 560KB
Xorg-7.7-3d-dev Xorg-7.7-3d devs 18.0.0 100KB
Xorg-7.7-3d 3d graphics drivers 18.0.0 17.8MB
Xorg-7.7-bin x window apps 7.7 512KB
Xorg-7.7-dev Xorg-7.7 devs 7.7 4KB
Xorg-7.7-lib-dev Meta-extension containing development environment for programs requiring Xorg libraries TESTING 7.7 4.0K
Xorg-7.7-lib Meta-extension collecting the usual X libs 7.7 4K
Xorg-7.7-opencl-dev Xorg-7.7-opencl devs 18.0.0 4KB
Xorg-7.7-opencl opencl amdgpu mesa drivers 18.0.0 12MB
Xorg-7.7 Xorg-7.7 7.7 4KB
Xorg-fonts X.org fonts 7.4 1.6MB
xorg-proto X protocol files 2018.4 356KB
xorg-server-dev xorg-server devs 1.20.0 380KB
xorg-server xorg server 1.20.0 2.8MB
Xprogs Xprogs from tinycore 6.0 136KB
xscreensaver-doc screensavers for x 5.26 180K
xscreensaver-locale screensavers for x 5.26 660K
xscreensaver screensavers for x 5.26 3.2M
xtables-addons-4.8.17-tinycore64 Addons for netfilter xtables including geoip 2.14 152K
xt_geoip_LE_IPv4 Geoip addon database for xtables-addons 2.14 632K
xtrans xtrans 1.3.5 68KB
xvid-dev xvid devs 1.3.3 12KB
xvid mpeg4 codec 1.3.3 212KB
xwayland x11 wayland compatibility 1.20.0 912KB
xz Data compression library and CLI tool 5.2.3 48KB
yad-dev Development files for YAD (yet another dialog), a tool for create graphical dialogs from shell scripts 0.40.0 4.0K
yad-doc Documentation for YAD (yet another dialog), a tool for create graphical dialogs from shell scripts 0.40.0 20K
yad YAD (yet another dialog) is a tool for create graphical dialogs from shell scripts 0.40.0 204K
yasm-dev yasm devs 1.3.0 508KB
yasm yasm assembler 1.3.0 260KB
yelp-dev yelp devs 3.28.1 20KB
yelp help browser 3.28.1 746KB
yelp-xsl yelp xsl stylesheets 3.28.0 340KB
youtube-dl-doc docs 20180416 36K
youtube-dl command tool to download youtubes 20180416 1.6M
zenity gnome dialog port 3.28.0 112KB
zenmap network utility gui 7.12 768KB
zile text editor 2.4.14 96KB
zip zip compression 3.0 180KB
zlib_base-dev zlib devs 1.2.11 96KB
zopfli compression algorithm 1.0.1 84KB
zstd-dev zstd devs 1.3.2 40KB
zstd zstandard compression 1.3.2 164KB
zsync zsync incremental file transfer program 0.6.2 45K